Demand For National Health Study and PCB Notification for Fort McClellan Veterans

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    Office of Director at Center For Disease Control; Office of ATSDR at Dept. of Health & Human Services; Office of Director at Environmental Protection Agency; House and Senate Armed Services Committee
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We the UNDERSIGNED hereby confront the governmental parties of
interest, and impose this petition and demand for the retroactive
commencement of an agency notification and review of all U.S.
military veterans who served at the base once known as Fort McClellan
Alabama, situated in the town of Anniston and the county of Calhoun
Alabama, from 1950 1998 for independent health screenings and
a national registery for the same, to determine those who are most
likely suffering from long term disability or diseases which are
wholly matching to PCB exposure, Sarin Gas exposure, Germ Warefare
exposure, (CN) Gas Exposure, and VX emission exposure.

The following facts apply:

1. No agency to date in Alabama or otherwise has made
any official notification to the McClellan veterans about
the town-wide PCB contamination zone which existed there
since the 1930's from the former Monsanto and Solutia

2. Gulf War likened illnesses and syndromes have emerged
in the McClellan population group even though most are
from the Korean and Vietnam Era years of service.

3. The base is the former national home of the Womens Army
Corps (WAC), the Army Chemical Corps, and the Army
Military Police School. This study request shall effect
millions of former troops at the base, many of which are
women. ( Center for Military History)

4. The VA, for a period over 30 years, has refused to cooperate
in our reasonable, and health-driven demands for an emergency
notification and case review of all Fort McClellan veterans
inside the VA agency.

5. The VA, has obtained relief from disability claims from the
Fort McClellan veterans through illegal and phoney
hearings, VA employees filing "claims" while veterans
are hospitalized inpatients (incapacitated parties),
claims trashing, document falsification or loss, phoney
remand orders, and carte blanche denials of claims for no
apparent or obvious legal reasons. [ re: (e.g.) Sue Frasier,
or Connie Sophia vs. Dept. of Veterans Affairs etc. ]

6. Jacksonville University of Alabama, has established a
Health Registery for current residents of Anniston, which
effectively locks out all Fort McClellan veterans from the
Monsanto PCB zone health studies commissioned by your
agencies. The lockout seeks to group PCB victims of Anniston
by litigating action class, instead of the reality of
military troops occupying the area by the thousands for
entire decades.

7. This entire government has no trouble at all standing
upside down on its head on a minute's notices for prisoners
at Abu Graib, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, WhiteWater,
and Terry Schiavo, so it can now stand on its head for
thousands of former national security workers/veterans
who served in the PCB zone of Anniston, Alabama and
then returned to their home states unaware that they were
in a PCB zone during warfare boot camp and MOS training.

8. The New York Times has verified the dipping of Women troops
in Sarin Gas and other multiple exposures during the 1960's
at Fort McClellan as follows:

July 17, 1969 Page 3 Army Suspends Use
Of Gas at A 2d Post

December 23, 1976 Page 12 Feigned Germ
War By Army

January 31, 1987 Page 16 Army Opening
a New Center For Detection of War Poison

The germ products included bacillus globigii causing an
autoimmune disorder called serratia marcescens.

9. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans,
American Legion, and Womens Army Corps Veterans
(WACVets) Association, have all wholly refused to aid,
assist, or provide licensed legal services for the Fort
McClellan veterans.

LET IT BE KNOWN, by the unified powers of this constituency made
up of former national security workers/veterans, our families, friends,
and supporters; that we invoke the value of human life and public
safety to the Fort McClellan Veterans and stand United in our demand
through this petition, that your respective agencies immediately
commence a national notification alert and health study review upon
Veterans of Fort McClellan Alabama, for impartial determinations of
PCB exposure cases or any other chemical or germ exposure causations
to their illnesses or disabilities.