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We are writing to you in protest of an injustice in need of retribution. We have recently become aware of the great importance and impact a certain founding father had on the forming of our great nation. His name is James Madison, the fourth president of the United States of America. He is the father of, not only the constitution, but the Bill of Rights as well. And, in the process of our discovery, we realized what little credit Mr. Madison is actually given. Being citizens in the United States of America, we feel that the federal government should give more recognition than is currently afforded to our great leader. Another reason this petition is drawn up is due to the virtual absence of any kind of historical knowledge or appreciation of Mr. Madison in the eyes of the common citizen. Time hath wrought a mask over the eyes and minds of not only Americas youth, but our elders as well. We can accredit the great position our country finds itself in today to the great foundation our country is based upon, and can accredit this foundation more to one individual than to any other present in our short, but illustrious history.
The second part of this petition is to address an even larger inequity of the status quo. Mr. Andrew Jackson, a presently believed good person in our past is held accountable of his immoral actions no more than is Hitler in Germany. Andrew Jackson started a trend carried true throughout his presidency and throughout our past, so that even today, the federal government uses precedents he set to further subjugate the indigenous peoples of America. President Andrew Jackson started an oppressive regime in the form of The U.S. Government against Native Americans. It began with the Trail of Tears. A string of policies and political agencies charged with the intent and purpose to systematically wipe out the tribes of our land. Under President Jackson, and the precedent he set, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an oppressive bureaucracy that originally favored the repression of Indian religious practices for the sole reason that religion was an indivisible part of the Native culture, was introduced. His started a trend of genocidal policies against the Indians; not only the mass murders of Indians, but the systematic destruction of a culture. However, President Jackson has managed to get by these hundred plus years virtually unquestioned. And even beyond that, the federal government takes no responsibility for what has been done to the natives not only on our watch but also under our thumb.
Finally, we think that to ameliorate the great harms mentioned above, the adoption of the following act is necessary: A removal of Andrew Jackson from the face of the Twenty Dollar Bill with a declaration of admittance of the wronging committed against the Native Americans. And to replace Mr. Jackson, we propose Mr. James Madison. And while Madison is on the Five Thousand-Dollar Bill, that bill is no longer in circulation, and very few people actually are aware of this fact, thus still presenting a need to pass such a proposal. This policy, we believe will solve the two harms mentioned above on two levels. The first is that a policy to change the face of currency will be seen and recognized by everyone. Questions will soon arise about the reasons for such a change, thus presenting the unique opportunity to educate the citizens about the greatness of Madison and repent the atrocities committed against the Indian by not only Jackson, but our government in general. We hope that this proposal will receive your unbiased and careful consideration. This wrong must be corrected. Thank you.

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    • Jackson is a murderer of native cultures and people. He does not deserve to be on any note of currency, let alone the 20 dollar bill.
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