Bring back Mythics greatest hits.

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Dear Mythic Entertainment, Mark Jacobs, and Rob Denton,

This is a petition concerning the following games:
1)Godzilla Online
2)Silent Death Online
3)Aliens Online
5)Fierce Harmony(By kesmai, and Indigo Moon)
7)Legends of Kesmai

Remember the glory days of Gamestorm and AOL? This petition aims to prove that you can profit by bringing back those games, and earn you a profit.

Of all these games you own the rights to Silent Death Online. We believe the Mythic-Realms community can thrive if you start by bringing this title back.

We ask you now to pretty please bring back as many of those games you see above. At the very least please start with Silent Death Online. It is a game with no equal that can easily bring back 200 players to Mythic-Realms.

In loving memory of Gamestorm and AOL game services, thank you.

237 Signatures

  • stephen D
  • Lisa S
    • Comments
    • i miss ao too
  • Barry B
    • Comments
    • I Like Steroids
  • Timothy F
    • Comments
    • SDO was the greatest game I have ever played on computer or any other system still til today.
  • Carlo T
    • Comments
    • Bring back the bull!
  • Nader A
    • Comments
    • PLEASE!!!!
  • NuKe
    • Comments
    • BRING Mythic games back we miss it so..
  • Alex
    • Comments
    • There were sweet games get them back
  • STU B
    • Comments
  • Ben P
    • Comments
    • silent death online was great.
  • Dustin S
  • David S
  • Michael S
  • Bryan B
    • Comments
    • Silent Death Online Was An Entertaining And Amazing Game.
  • Doug H
    • Comments
    • Why were these removed to begin with?
  • Jon M
    • Comments
    • Some of the greatest online games ever.
  • Stephen
    • Comments
    • how i miss silent death :(
  • Dave L
    • Comments
    • MPBT solaris PLEASE!
  • casey a
    • Comments
    • MPBT use it or make it freeware
  • Bryan
    • Comments
    • Silent Death Online PPLEASE!. I will pay for it
  • Yuval D
    • Comments
    • Lets get this done.
  • Travis W
    • Comments
  • shane
  • Simon .
    • Comments
    • what the heck is wrong with you lot, customers want these games back so badly. BRING EM BACK!
  • Vyn
    • Comments
    • So true! Bring back Darkness Falls!!
  • Timeflow
  • Andrew M
  • Jeff L
    • Comments
    • Loved the games would love to play them again
  • Gregg (
    • Comments
    • Please, so many more people would like these
  • Phillip
    • Comments
    • Please bring back Legends of Kesmai... Simply the greatest Rpg ever.
  • Joe C
    • Comments
    • I'm black and in the KKK
  • Spellbinder L
    • Comments
    • At least bring back the good ones
  • AJ
    • Comments
    • I'll support this any day. Bring back Mythic's classic titles, especially Silent Death!
  • Joe H
    • Comments
    • WOw.. i'm older now and still miss AO
  • Cheryl D
    • Comments
    • AO was the only thing to bring me outta this world.
  • Mark F
    • Comments
    • Bring back the good!
  • Matthew H
    • Comments
    • Aliens Online was a fantastic Online game. I would gladly pay money to play it again
  • FRY S
    • Comments
  • Stephen G
    • Comments
    • Bring back silent death online. best online game ever!!
  • Daniel N
    • Comments
    • loved all the games and i wish i could play them again
  • Stanley L Wolfe I
    • Comments
    • Silent Death Online was a great game spent hours playing it with friends
  • Justin D' S
    • Comments
    • Silent Death was the roxxors, rock on once more.
  • Christopher T
    • Comments
    • MPBT: Solaris was in a league of its own
  • William D
    • Comments
    • В
  • Dahr D
    • Comments
    • I want Silent Death Online back. I will sign up along with at least 10 of my friends
  • Will
    • Comments
    • at least find a way to realses the server software its not like your using it to make a profit anyway
  • Ed F
    • Comments
    • I've searched High & low to find and or BUY THIS GAME!! No Game has come close to the Fun MPBT brought and WHO CARES IF the graphics aren't top of the line! This was the ULTIMATE Game and many many people want it more than any other game! --) If its not broke - dont fix it! At least make it available for PURCHASE.
  • Eric S
    • Comments
    • Silent Death Online was the best game i have ever played, Even after so long it is still on my mind.
  • Antony
    • Comments
    • i played silent death a long time ago, when it was on AOL, and that game rocked. I even still remember the game name and i havent played it for years. I want to play it again.
  • Oli
    • Comments
    • Bring back Silend Death