Wilbert James Smith Is a Danger to Society!!!

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    City of Huntsville, AL
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In 1998 Wilbert James Smith ("Smith") participated in a drive-by shooting that resulted in the death of a 15 year old. Circuit Court Judge Tracy McCooey gave Smith a split sentence after he pleaded guilty to reckless murder. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, but the last 15 years were to be spent on probation, according to court documents. He therefore served less than five years, although he was the driver in the above shooting. Smith was released shortly after he argued that his record while in prison "surely shows of his rehabilitation since being incarcerated," according to a motion written by Smith on Oct. 10, 2004. The motion to review Smith's sentence cited a number of accomplishments, including his completion of a GED program and several self-help classes, such as one on stress and anger management. THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR PUTTING SMITH BACK ON THE STREETS WERE WRONG!!!

Wilbert James Smith, 28, was recently charged with two counts of capital murder for the deaths of 24-year-old Ronnie Pugh and 28-year-old Bertjenski Peterson. The two victims were found shot to death in a house on Aug. 23, 2008. Peterson and Pugh were students at Alabama A&M University, and roomed together at 2802 Hester Lane. This petition is intended to express outrage that Smith was put back on the streets, only for two more citizens to die at his hands, and to encourage the City of Huntsville not to let something like this happen again. Both of these young, intelligent men were loved in their communities and were surely destined for success.

We the undersigned, write to display our outrage at this apparent disconnect in Alabama's Justice System. We also write to encourage the city of Huntsville to insure that:

1. Wilbert James Smith be punished to the maximum extent of the law- to include receiving the death penalty.
2. That Smith's original sentence, for his participation in a 1998 drive-bye shooting be fully reinstated, due to his apparent violation of his probation.
3. That Smith be ordered to pay restitution to go to the children of Bertjenski Peterson and Ronnie Pugh.

We pray that Smith will never again see the light of day, and that society be protected from him. We also pray that this petition does not fall on death ears.

Wilbert James Smith is a DANGER TO SOCIETY!

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    • I also have a petition going to try to keep my daughters killer behind bars. A life for a life.
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    • God Bless the families
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    • В
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    • This is unbelievable!!!!
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    • Please let justice be served!
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    • HE Took Two Of the Greatest. He needs to PAY!
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    • Let's encourage everyone we know to do this small act, and help stop the cycle of violence.
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    • The system is not perfect, but when mistakes can be corrected we need to take action.
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    • Give him 2 Life Sentences !!!!!!!!
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    • I'm not one to judge because there is only ONE judge in life and that's God. This man made a terrible, terrible mistake and I am sure he is suffering for it and will. But we as Christians must forgive this man ,as hard as it is, because we don't want to condemn ourselves by having hate in our hearts for this man and it is what God wants. We are all hurt by this deeply but we MUST rely on God and pray in these troubled times for these families knowing that he has taken care of it. God bless.
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    • The city of Huntsville "needs" to correct the poor judgement of their behalf. He is a heartless man who needs to be punished to the MAX THE LAW ALLOWS. He has three murders under his belt and two could have been prevented.