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The bronze globe sculpture The Sphere was created by artist Frtiz Koenig. It stood as the centerpiece of the World Trade Center plaza for thirty years as a symbol of world peace.

On September 11, though severely damaged in the terrorist attacks, it emerged intact from the rubble of the WTC. It was thus embraced as a symbol of the strength and perseverance of America.

It currently stands in Battery Park, about a half mile south of Ground Zero. It was installed there with much ceremony on March 11, 2002, the sixth month anniversary of the attacks, as a temporary memorial. There was full intent at the time, and the 9/11 families were promised, that the Sphere would be returned as the centerpiece of the future 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center.

Instead, however, the Sphere, the only remaining intact remnant of the WTC has been banned from Ground Zero and the national Sept. 11 memorial.

The designers of the memorial have ruled that it CANNOT be returned. In order, they said, to protect the integrity of the design.

The memorial design will include over 500 trees. Mayor Bloomberg and his deputy mayor, Patricia Harris, will not permit any of those trees to be cleared to create a proper space that allows the return of the Sphere and respects its history and significance.

At Ground Zero, landscaping takes precedence over 9/11.

This is a denial of history. It is an affront against the American spirit that triumphed 9/11; it is an assault upon truth and memory. It betrays the memory of the innocents slaughtered there.

America has no more vital historical artifact than the WTC Sphere. We DEMAND the return of the Sphere as the centerpiece of the National September Memorial at the World Trade Center.

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    • Please returen the sphere to the WTC site and Freedom Tower
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    • The Sphere is a memory of our loved ones.
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    • please do this now
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    • In support of the petition
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    • have patience, the "emperor" will soon be out of City Hall
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    • Surely a way can be found, please try.
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    • 9/11 family member; brother, Capt. Billy Burke, E-21
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    • The current 9-11 WTC memorial design, with its waterfalls and trees, does not have anything to do with the events of 9-11. This memorial is a complete whitewash of the events that took place there. At the very least, the sphere should be there.