Make VAWA Gender Neutral

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    Senator Joseph Biden
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Dear Senator Biden,

Please reconsider your well-meaning but misguided support for the Violence Against Women Act. This law does not promote justice; it promotes hatred of men, and discriminates against men. Please make VAWA gender neutral.

The Violence Against Women Act is the most blatantly discriminatory law passed by the United States Congress in more than a century. The law is based, not on fact, but on gender prejudice, and it denies much-needed services to an entire class of American citizens, based only on their sex because they are men!

Far from being a fair and just law, VAWA spreads hate and anti-male bigotry by promoting a provably false and one-sided gender stereotype of violent men hurting innocent women. The law advances a misleading, sugar-and-spice depiction of domestic violence that denies the female role in intimate violence and completely ignores half of domestic violence victims because they are male!

VAWA is undeniably discriminatory. Even its name attests to this fact.

VAWA is provably a lie. There are hundreds of legitimate studies, many sponsored by the federal government, that conclusively show that the majority of domestic violence is perpetuated, not by men, but by women!

Dont believe it? Before you hold your hearings to extend VAWA, you may wish to take time to read the National Family Violence Surveys of 1975 and 1985. These two federally-sponsored studies were the first to conclusively reveal the predominant female role in domestic violence. These pioneering studies have been validated over the past 30 years by hundreds of other studies that have all arrived at the same counter-intuitive, but undeniable conclusion:

Women are at least as violent as men in intimate relationships.

You might want to do some reading. A suggestion: When She Was Bad Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence, written by Patricia Pearson, a self-described feminist. A single paragraph from this book perfectly summarizes the truth that The National Organization of Women and other gender extremists wish to keep hidden from you:

Women commit the majority of child homicides in the United States, a greater share of physical child abuse, an equal rate of sibling violence and assaults on the elderly, about a quarter of child sexual abuse, an overwhelming share of the killings of newborns, and a fair preponderance of spousal assaults.

Any hearings that you sponsor to contemplate extending the Violence Against Women Act that fail to include the results of these many scientific studies or that refuse to consider the many male victims of female violence cannot possibly be fair or just.

Senator Biden, with all due respect, the facts simply are not on your side.

History will ultimately show that, with your active support and assistance, the United States Congress, in passing the Violence Against Women Act, enshrined into American law an Act that shares the same ideological parents as the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany: hate and prejudice.

This law is not worthy of a nation that needs to present itself to the rest of the world as a fair and just democracy.

Please reconsider your ill-advised, discriminatory support for the Violence Against Women Act. Please make this law fair and just. Please show us that your male constituents deserve equal protection under the law.

Please make the Violence Against Women Act gender neutral.

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  • Genevieve R
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    • Equality, that is what it should be all about
  • Tom W
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    • What happened to equal protection?
  • Ryan N
  • Jim T
  • Ben Bush, S
  • Kevin K
  • Charles H
  • Spencer M
  • MR.&MRS. JAY R
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  • Mr G F
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    • It's Blantant Sex Discrimination.
  • Sophia A
  • Jeff B
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  • Y-man
  • Michel M
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  • Joyce C
  • Evan L
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    • Make VAWA gender nuetral
  • Sarah M
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    • Round Rock, Texas
  • Charles M
  • Carl Y
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    • Equal protection under the law is important for everyone.
  • Jenny D
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    • I believe the VAWA should be gender neutral... to many men out there need help too.. please lets be there for our men too
  • Connie B
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    • No gender bias in civil rights !!!!!
  • Russell M
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  • Grayson W
  • Roger W. K
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    • Webmaster of
  • Hayden C
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    • I am a survivor of misuse by this act. Please help rectify and make it equall.
  • Jim M
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    • Protest the VAWA! Join us in DC July 15-16
  • E S
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  • Monica V
  • Tim C
  • Lionel R
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    • Working with OzyDads Network members I am constantly faced with MALE victims of Spousal Violence who are laughed at by police when they try to file a complaint against their abusive/violent wife.
  • Aard V A
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    • Since the late sixties, this country has become sick with laws that discriminate and criminalize just about everybody in the name of protecting a privileged class, in this case women. What kind of beast is creating these laws that do nothing but create revenues for lawyers and government while persecuting everyone living under their yoke? Has all sanity gone from our politics? When will this cater to one and hate all the rest, binge end? Do we have to get rid of all lawyers to have one sane law left in our land?
  • Carol M
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    • Ignoring the fact that women can be as violent or more violent than men has to end.
  • Benjamin S
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  • James H
  • Julie S
  • Jeffrey P. E
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    • Put equality back into our laws and legislation, It is what out country is made of.
  • jeff n
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    • we get are ass kicked by woman all the time in court and a out of court? i hope that this i hate men way of thinking does not fall on you mr; senator? ????? it will trust me?
  • Daniel Gordon East, R
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  • Tim B
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    • The system as it is now not only fails men, it fails women too because it doesn't deal with the reality on the ground.
  • Ron J
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    • It is time to Fix vawa. VAWA must be based on need NOT GENDER.
  • Anthony N
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    • MensNet TV has done several programs exposing the double-standards of the police, politicians and courts regarding mixed gender violence.
  • Peter M
  • Rick L
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    • Violence occurs against people, not just women. Make the law gender neutral and it will serve the population. Keep it biased and it will continue to destroy the family, especially Fathers.
  • Alan K
  • thomas r
  • Mark C
  • Ajay Paul Garg, M
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    • An Act that helps strengthen laws to prevent Violence Against Women is well intentioned; however, if it deprives men of the same rights, it deprives us all of our basic civil liberties.
  • Barbara H. G
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    • The law should be made gender neutral.
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