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Petition to: President Obama
U.S. Senate & House Of Representatives

The American Indian community demands an apology from President Obama to include U.S. Senate and House Of Representatives for allowing the code name "Geronimo" represent international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

The association of Geronimo's name to Osama bin Laden is yet another degrading slap in the face to American Indians from another president and our federal government who waged an "unnecessary holocaust war" against American Indians in the forming of the America we have today. True American history shows Indians were never an enemy of this country. American Indians had every right to stand up for their true home land, way of life, freedom, civil liberties and right to self govern.

Geronimo is an American Indian hero, an American Indian civil rights leader icon in U.S. history. President Obama would not dare allow the name Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson or any other prominent African American name be associated to Osama bin Laden. This one point alone being made goes to the heart of demanding an apology from President Obama as our country's Commander in Chief.

President Obama's gross oversite in allowing Geronimo's name to be used representing a mass murder terrorist Osama bin Laden, calling for the destruction of America is another dark day in American history branded on the American Indian community and totally unjustified. An apology from President Obama will not change history, but a public apology from President Obama has to be part of that history for future American generations and people around the world to fully understand the plight of American Indians, their service and patriotism to our country.

History note: The federal government is setup and based on the foundation of American Indian Nation governments, so stated by U.S. Senate resolutions honoring Native American Indian Heritage Month of November. Federalism, separation of government powers, freedom of speech to include the Indian word caucus were home grown, and in use by American Indians and their gift to all people of the world willing to stand up for their human rights.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen of Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and U.S.

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  • Jolene T
  • Lori
  • Melissa R
    • Comments
    • Stand proud and be humble...
  • Antonella F
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    • From Italy
  • brun
  • Sonya S
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    • I am a proud of my Native American Indian Heritage. And being a part of the Apache Nation,I am ashamed of the President for allowing this unjust to our Tribe. He of all people should know what it feels like to be treated differently because of other peoples lack of education on history!
  • Judy G
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    • Sir, I know you understand how it feels to be insulted.
  • Marcia S
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    • Please take this seriously.
  • Russell S
  • Lori S
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    • There are so many millions of names to choose from that it is very hard to believe that Geronimo is the ONLY name that you could come up with! An apology is in order.
  • Ms. Pat W
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    • Mr. President, Please Apologise To The Indian Community For All Americans. Thank You....
  • Jeffrey F. Magrowski, P
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    • Please do not forget to Honor and Rspect Native Americans
  • carton l
  • Baudoin E
  • Miriam A
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    • American Indian Holocaust...unmemorialized unrecognized genocide. Only pejorative use of tribal names for "sporting events" or aggression. No museums in every state, no full historical narrative in text books, no full Restitution
  • David Allen Rowe J
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    • I can not believe you associated Geronimo with Osama Bin Laden.
  • gail c
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    • wrong person's name to desecrate.
  • Paul C
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    • Had the code name been Martin luther King would the reaction even be greater? Geronimo is our hero and this association with UBL is the sort of despicable behaviors that has made enemies for this country all over the globe. For once I just like to see this Government act like grown ups instead of paranoid juvenile deliquent gang members.
  • jeffery.jones
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    • thank you
  • Suzanne D
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    • I would really like to see more attention paid to Native American causes, environmental causes, the stopping of Big Oil profits, and more money in education! We need to teach, Mr. President!
  • Timoteo Saldana H
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    • We are offended by the comparison also to Al Quieda!
  • Dr. Margaret M. B
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    • Americans have been appropriating the names of prominent Native American leaders for their own purposes for generations. Some uses are merely absurdly political or commercial (the Tammany Society, Winnebago camper, Pocahontas movies). But this latest appropriation is horrendously insulting. It disrespects the thousands of Native people who currently serve in the military, and it threatens to undo much of the goodwill built up among US leaders and Native nations. The "Indian Wars" in America should be put behind us. Native people should not continue to be stereotyped as savages. An immediate apology to the Fort Sill Apache, and to all of Native America, is called for!
  • Patricia C
  • JoAnn D
  • Philippa Reede San Carlos A
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    • Its a shame our first African American President would allow Geronimo "Goyathlay" as a code name to identify such an evil hearted man who deliberately proclaimed a war on innocent lives because of his religion. I pray the president does right by the Native Americans who are all offended. God Bless all Native Americans and Americans who stand behind this petition!
  • James K Noble (
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    • be nice to recall the Trail of Tears , and the "re-settlements " imposed on people who trusted and tried to comply.. then lost all they knew to greed
  • Jolynne Locust W
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    • This is one of the worst moments in modern day American history and it is under your watch President Obama
  • Carmen F
  • morris c
  • Elaine Mato Tama H
  • Angel Hinzo (Winnebago Tribe of N
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    • I was extremely dismayed when I found out that "Geronimo" was associated with Osama Bin Laden. Considering the large number of Native American peoples serving in the armed forces, this disrespectful use of a Native American figure is a shock and representative of the ignorance present in American society regarding the Native American community and the historical relations between the U.S. government and Native peoples.
  • Gloria A
  • Blue Dawn L
  • Marcus J
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    • San Carlos Apache Tribe
  • Kaitlin M
  • Charlene J
  • Lisa P
  • Roseanna S. B
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    • Using Geronimo's name in this manner is shocking, given that it is 2011. It is not a shock given the history of the U.S. government's lack of respect for Native people.
  • Simone H
  • janna l
  • Krista P
  • Trisha L
  • Dawn A
  • abdul n
  • Garland W
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    • This is Wrong, Gerinmoe was a Great Apachie Warrior not a Mass Murder
  • Allison B
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    • My children are Native Americans!! What would happen if someone made a racial statement about his children?
  • Michelle O
  • Jayne H
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    • Aren't the American Indian abused enough, now you have denigrate them more by using a name for someone who has killed with no thought or caring at all? Why would you do that to us? You supposedly care? How?
  • Dawn L
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    • As a native american I found this in bad taste.