Free Major Hamza Al-mustapha

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    Federal Government of Nigeria
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Ten years on
Freedom denied
All we ask
A man to be freed

This is more than about
just one man
This is more than about
Just one soul

Hopes raised
Hopes Dashed
More than once

Tears shed
Tears wiped
For far too long

Join hand
Sign this
We can Win
This fight.

163 Signatures

  • Mohammed J
  • ABBA G
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  • Baba B
    • Comments
    • free, dispense and allocate justice, with no sentiment, no strings attached. no revenge is needed cos nobody is taking any revenge against you. you know you've hurt us more he hurts you.
  • Bala B
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    • this is injustice to an innocent soul
  • Dikko A A
  • sayyadil khayr na a
  • abdullahi a. a
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  • Abba Sani A
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    • Selective Punishment in the aegis of Government, though in the name of Justice. Its too cruel to see such able and fine soldiers in the service of their nation being rewarded with such treatment. Its circus Justice. They should all be freed, followed with a National apology.
  • yahaya b
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    • its hi time the government should do the right thing about his case
  • Munjee Abdullahi Y
    • Comments
    • I still wonder why two succeeding govts have passed all turning away thier faces to the cries of the masses over the illegal detaining of Hamza al Mustapha.
  • shuaibu a
    • Comments
    • we are created free to leave
  • sadiq
    • Comments
    • its about time for the FG to let him out.
  • mubarak u k b
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    • all nigerians want him free.
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    • Where Is The Rule Of Law for Major Hamza Al-mustafa. I wont hesitate to say shame on nigeria judiciary for not finalising on the faith of a loyal soldier who serve his boss as supposed until his death. The military ask for complete loyalty and vapour and that is their motto. So what has he done wrong. Pls free him for his family to enjoy his last time on earth
  • Bilyamin I
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    • He deserves a chance to live a life..!! What is thier fear?
  • muzzammil y
    • Comments
    • In the interest of justice equity and fairplay,the federal government should as a matter of necessity free major Hamza al-mustafa.
  • muhammadkankia
    • Comments
    • all what he do is under his work.
  • Dauda Isa G
  • Aminu A
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    • Justice delayed is justice denied. This is an absolute case of miscarriage of justice. If the Government lacks the evidence to prosecute him, then he should be released without any further delay. It's ironical how so many criminals are roaming the streets without being challenged. The law is being raped without anyone raising an eyebrow. Anybody who believes in human right shoud stand up and be counted in this struggle because today it is Major Hamza Al-mustapha, tomorrow it could be me or you!!
  • Adam G
  • Fatima U
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    • its about time..Free Hamza Al-Mustapha.
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    • free Al-mustapha
  • Dianne H
    • Comments
    • justice is not being served by this man he needs to be free there can no longer be a fair trial after more than 10 years
  • Alexander Odewale S
  • Yusuf A
    • Comments
    • He is not gilty at all.
  • Abdussalam M
    • Comments
    • This is fine officer by all standards, he is not self serving but patrotic. Otherwise he could have assume power as head of state when Gen Abacha died, but he did not. Instead he allow the then military authorities to decide the way forward. His persecution must stop now and FG should free unconditionally for we need great mind like him to build this country.
  • Lauratu U
    • Comments
    • Justice they say is justice denied. Why are they afraid of him? He loyally served the military government, remember he cannot act without instruction and in matters of national security, whatever actions percieviably taken by him must be in faith with the government position. This happens worldwide even in advance democracies like the US. I therefore urge the FG to unconditionally release this fine officer, who I believe still have greater service to this our beloved country. President Umar Yar'Adua please let him free now.
  • Abubakar H S
    • Comments
    • ''You know what you are doing is not justice"Have some integrity and own up.lock him,kill him,silence him.the truth will definately come out and justice will privail no matter how long.
  • Usman
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  • nassy
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  • Shaba I
    • Comments
    • The freedom is long overdue. Even if we dont need him,his family needed him.
  • elihu pheedami e
    • Comments
    • this is the greatest assault to justice
  • lukman
    • Comments
    • pls free the man
  • Dr W
    • Comments
    • Free the Al Mustpha
  • mr jidai k
  • rukayya s
    • Comments
    • we need absolute freedom of major hamza al-mustapha.
  • suleman s
    • Comments
    • he should be realised
  • Aliyu m
  • sara u
  • Suleiman m
    • Comments
    • Let the government kindly look into the matter of the this gentle me and release him for his family and for the nigeria army becouse the nigeria government would not excelty tells what this man is being charge for.
  • sadiq
  • muneer wada g
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    • k.s.a
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    • Justice delayed justice denied 10yers incarceration is more than a sentence Free our hero.The one heart that held the whole criminals in this country sway,the one soul that sent all tribal cheuvinist running out of this country.The one heart that kept all militants at bay,the one lion heart that kept the super powers of the West and East at bay the one heart that gave the millions of children and women hope in the far land of Liberia and sierra-leone up to Niger.The one soul that kept Cameroun far away from the edge of Bakassi.May your Name be re-echored for your enemies to hear and take to their heels.For they are cowards that is why they have to keep you under maximum security for fear of your free movement on the street of Nigeria.
  • Ali Isa M
    • Comments
    • Justice should be done
  • alaga
    • Comments
    • The man should b free.evry1 knows wat happens when an oder is given in d militry.
  • ado aliyu t
    • Comments
    • if ganiyu adam cld be free then a thousand almustapha shld be
  • abduljalil
  • Kabiru K
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  • sheila
    • Comments
    • please have mercy on him