Keep Murderer Jay Crider In Prison

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The family of Becky Snider is petitioning to prevent Jay A Crider inmate #176-624 from being released. Please take a moment to read the following letter. We Thank You, each and everyone of you who signs, for your support.
On July 9, 1983, Jay A Crider raped and murdered Becky Snider. His thoughts and actions on the morning he robbed her life from her can best be described as thoughtless, heartless, sadistic, cold and calculating. The crime within itself is and should be considered heinous due to its nature and violent extent. Jay Crider, at a previous parole hearing or mental health evaluation, was asked why he killed Becky Snider. He has been quoted, stating that Maybe it is because I hate women. His reasoning for this can only be understood by him. Becky was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt and cousin. Not only were her two children affected for the rest of their lives, but multiple lives were affected, touched and changed for the crime he committed. He set into action a chain reaction that cannot be undone. How can a person say that it is fair or it is just for him to be released? That he has served his time? If he gets released, he can still have a life to live. What does Becky Snider get to do upon his release? Nothing, she doesnt get her life to live.
He never attempted to give a reason why he murdered her. He openly admits to killing her. He has also told the police sixteen different times that he Did not know why, he had no reason, he just snapped. He only turned himself in due to the persuasion of an Army Recruiter that he had called and confessed his crime to. He waited until awhile to even call him. The Army Recruiter, who he had confessed his crime to was even afraid of him. I was scared. I did not know if this was his first murder or not. I do not believe then or now that it will be his last. Truthfully, I was scared that he was going to kill me too. He was nonchalant. From his reaction during all this, I believe that he was a calculated murderer and thus cannot be rehabilitated; he should not be paroled.
The police were unsure to the validity of what Crider was telling them. They in turn ordered a polygraph to determine if he was telling the truth. The now Chief of Police, was then a Captain and the Departments Certified Polygraph Examiner. During the 2 hours he was alone with him, he was surprised by the lack of remorse that Crider showed and the almost eagerness he displayed in talking about the murder. Some examples from his pre-test interview include his responses to the following questions he was asked:
Question: How are you feeling right now?
Answer: Great!
Question: Did you have any problem sleeping last night?
Answer: No problem.
Question: Does it bother you to lie?
Answer: No, I dont have a conscience.
Question: Is there anything else I should know about you?
Answer: I laughed when I killed her, a big old belly laugh.

Just eleven days before the murder, Crider told officers at the Exxon service station, that he felt like hurting someone. In fact, he also stated that it was taking quite a bit to keep from hurting the officers. In 1996, he had stated That she had never given me any problems, she was a sweet person. So sweet that she had to be killed? So sweet for him to play God, to determine that she was unworthy to live, that she had to die in that single moment? Jay Crider had that moment, when he had his fingers wrapped around her neck, to let go. To not go to that point of no return. It was his sole decision to play God. From my understanding of the autopsy report and from his police file, I can only conclude that he placed his knee into her stomach area with such force, causing a 3cm laceration on her liver. She was covered head to toe with 24 bruises, 11 cuts, abrasions and scratches.
He had told the parole board, that he has no intention or desire to come back to the same area. However, not even 2 months after the full board hearing in January 2005, he requested to be placed in a prison closer to the same area near the commission of his crime. To be closer to his family was his reason. He has stated himself that he hates women, would this not make him a woman-hater? Is it not been said that anyone who hates someone due to sex, color or religion and commits an act of violence such said person, said to be a hate crime? He has committed almost every crime imaginable. Lets renew the list: molesting, rape, assault, assault on a police officer, breaking and entering, DUI, CCW, petty theft, auto and larceny, and finally murder. If this does not speak violence, what does?
With just pieces of information scattered about, it just looks like different pieces of information. However, once you put the pieces together, the answer that you get is chilling within itself. The chilling facts of this terrible crime are as follows: he lived with Becky, knew her habits and patterns, knew that she liked to party, he purchased the alcohol for her to consume. He did not have any marks on him and was not drunk. He deliberately took her apartment keys with him, came back, went through her mail and had even moved her body. He had the means, plan, and the opportunity. He was setting her up. The chilling answer when these pieces, the facts, are all placed together is premeditated murder.
He is a sick and sadistic individual that will stop at nothing to get what he wants for a thrill. He gets a sick pleasure out of the fact of knowing that he has the ultimate power and control over another human being. This is his addiction, this is his rush. He will want to continue to feed this addiction, this rush. The question is, should he be allowed to continue to feed it? He will kill again, but who will be his next victim? Will it be someone you know or one of his own family? Or will it be that person who thinks that he is completely harmless?
We want to Thank You for taking the time to read and encourage you to sign the following petition.

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  • Elizabeth S
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    • Do Not set this so-called-man free !
  • Pam S
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    • I remember when this horrible crime happened. My brother was friends with your mother "Birdie" & Jay. I always thought Jay was an odd character. I am more then happy to sign this petition. We have enough criminals & low lifes walking the streets!
  • Alisha
  • Jeanette L D
  • Sherry G
  • Amy B
  • Jennifer A C
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    • 768 Spruce Ave, Sidney, ohio 45365
  • Kara
  • Melissa R
    • Comments
    • I agree that he should be kept in jail. I believe that if he is released he quite possibly will do this again and have the same reason as he did this time.
  • cheryl
    • Comments
    • im getting a divorce, because my soon to be ex is exacting like this man. 2 yrs prison for assult. ive have been beaten badly. but thank the good LORD I AM ALIVE. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE I WILL HAVE TO ALWAYS WATCH MY BACK> I SURE DO FEEL FOR YOU> PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU>
  • Sandy H
    • Comments
    • I hope he never gets paroled
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    • 3163 Northernton Ct Dayton OH 45414
  • John H
  • Kim H
  • Luddie C
  • David S
  • FStein
    • Comments
    • monster doesn't need out
    • Address, Zip Code
    • van wert county
  • Debbie B
  • Susan M
    • Comments
    • I am from the town where this happened. Please do not let this man out.
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    • 59-178 Kamehameha Hwy. Haleiwa HI 96712
  • shelley m
  • Denise B
    • Comments
    • If he has no remorse this will only prove he will do it again and again. It was actually pre-meditated as he stated he told another person he felt like hurting/killing someone... This is not good. The family is still suffereing as well as the people of Sidney who remember when all of this took place. The question is is he going to retaliate against those who spoke in fear against him
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    • East Coast
  • willie s
  • cheryl b
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    • He done wrong he needs to stay
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    • 233 15th st sw 32962
    • Comments
    • tell Faye to come see me
  • deann c
    • Comments
    • yep...Stay behind bars. Right where monsters belong.
  • Barb L
    • Comments
    • give him life not parole!!
  • angela e
    • Comments
    • He doesn't deserve anything less than the death sentense. He doesn't deserve a second chance to repeat history and I do believe that would happen in a matter of months of release. I dont know him, o r even the victim, but I feel for those children and family members to even have to think of him being released. Keep him imprisoned.
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    • angela Epley sidney, ohio 45365
  • Lorene L
    • Comments
    • I too lost a wonderful friend to a cold blooded rapist & murder... He should be put to death not just life in prison...
  • Melody S G
    • Comments
    • I do not think he should be released...I so think he should be put to DEATH...
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 9735 country club rd. 45356
    • Comments
    • Melody,S,Gordon.
  • Betty K
    • Comments
    • I lost a step daughter and neice in 1999. They were only 16 and had their whole life in front of them. We have to prevent these heartless animals behind bars!
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 423 Highland 45365
  • deelanea j
    • Comments
    • This man sounds like one of the serial killers I have read about and seen movies about and I am a women and just reading this makes me feel like he should never be released he should have gotten fried please don't release this man. I don't know the family of his victim but my thoughts and prayers go out to them
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 45365
  • Julia Douglas per Khrista M
    • Comments
    • If a person man or woman cannot respect life for another than they in no shape or form deserve to live a life either and should see immediate death. It is in no way fair to the tax payer when a murder is committed by an individual without a doubt intentionally and without it being from self defense that person should see death them self. The person deceased isn't capable of a 2nd chance what right does that give the murderer to have one.
    • Address, Zip Code
    • Sidney, Ohio 45365
  • Kathy B
    • Comments
    • Why should he walk the streets a free man when she is laying in a grave because he committed this senseless act of killing her... Keep him where he belongs..In Prison...May God have mercy on his soul..
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 45365
  • Cherie C
  • m. l
    • Comments
    • i hope this crazy man never get released he is a threat to society and i feel he would benefit from the death penalty
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    • no comment
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    • keep him locked up
  • Nancy F
  • Amy S
  • Michelle S
    • Comments
    • I know Becky's son. He may have been older then me but all through high school he was a quite guy and u could see the hurt in his eyes. I would be lost with out my mom and my kids would be lost with out me. My heart goes out to Joe and his famiily. May God b with u all. This killer Jay needs to stay where he is forever. The family does not need to fear for their lives nor does anyone else!
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 15222 Pasco Montra Rd Anna Ohio 45302
    • Comments
    • Justice is not served! He needs to live the rest of his life where he is. I do not want my children or any family to lose their lives becouse a panel desides he okay. He meant to do it he planned it and he did it in a awful way that will be for every in this commuinties minds and hearts,
  • Georgia H
    • Comments
    • It would be a shame to let this man out of prison. I pray you do not let him out. Society will not be safe if you allpw him t PO be free.
    • Address, Zip Code
    • 614 East Ave , Sidney, Ohio , 45365
  • jessica g
  • jackie c
  • tracey g
  • john s
    • Comments
    • I was 11 when this happened and lived a block away I had friends that lived in the apt building she lived in she did drink a lot but was very nice all the time. I also rember what he did to her she did not deserve that nor does he deserve to be free
    • Address, Zip Code
    • Po box 332 sidney ohio
  • Kendra B
  • John F
  • Janet S
    • Comments
    • This heinous vicious murderer should serve the entire term of the sentence awarded him by the judge and jury. That he has any chance of release at all is a threat to public safety.
  • Joseph D. P
    • Comments
    • I oppose parole for any murderer, anywhere.
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    • 4140 Workman Mill Rd #230 Whittier CA 90601-5069
  • Angie P
  • Jenny C
  • Traci
  • kimberly r
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    • 281 c harry sauner hillsboro, oh 45133