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Dear PG County District 6 Resident,

Please SIGN THIS PETITION! Mrs. Leslie Johnson must resign the District 6 County Council 6 seat now!

We are a proud people, a proud District 6 and a proud PG County. Our District 6 Councilwoman-elect, Mrs. Leslie Johnson, has been arrested and charged with corruption and destruction of evidence. Although she has not been tried or convicted (all are innocent until proven guilty in court) the shame brought on our District 6 and PG county is mighty and devastating. Mrs. Leslie Johnson cannot represent us proudly and honestly on the PG County Council. The first order of business for all of us should be to get Mrs. Leslie Johnson off the Council and start a clean slate.
Mrs. Johnson, resign your Councilwoman-elected position now or if you refuse to do so, then We, The People of PGC District 6, will protest daily and block you from taking the seat on the County Council!

From PG Monitor, 11/14/2010:
Leave Us At Peace Leslie! With the arrest of your husband -- County Executive Jack Johnson and you -- his wife -- Leslie Johnson scheduled to take the oath as County Councilwoman on December 6th -- Concerned Prince Georgians and District 6 residents implore you -- Leslie -- Do not put your hand on the bible on December 6th swearing to serve the citizens of Prince George's County. Slip away quietly from the public light -- LEAVE US AT PEACE! LET US START THE PROCESS OF HEALING! Our great County does not need the continued distractions that will be caused by a selfish decision by you -- LESLIE -- NOT TO STEP ASIDE! Concerned Prince Georgians implore you to make one final decision that is not self-serving! Please STEP ASIDE NOW LESLIE -- LEAVE OUR GREAT COUNTY AND DISTRICT 6 AT PEACE!
Thank you.

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    • Don't Resign - Presumption of Innocence!!!
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