Against Removal of Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji as Head Granthi of Palatine Guru Ghar

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Sikh Religious Society Chicago

C/o Jaspreet Singh Ji, President

1280 Winnetka Street

Palatine, IL 60067

Petition against Hiring a New Head Granthi

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

The caring and concerned members of the Chicago Sikh Community would like to submit for your consideration a petition to end the current advertisement for hiring a new Head Granthi at the Sikh Religious Society, also known as Gurdwara Sahib or Guru Ghar, in Palatine, Illinois.

Recently, several Board members have initiated steps towards the hiring of a new Head Granthi. Advertisements for a new Head Granthi have been placed in local and overseas newspapers.

We are blessed to have a dedicated Bhai Ji in our Guru Ghar. Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji has selflessly served our Guru Ghar and community for over 27 years. Bhai Jiвs inspirational and enthusiastic attitude has helped raise the community we see today. Along with many others, Bhai Ji has helped to create a spiritual center called SRS Palatine Guru Ghar where our past, present, and future generations have learned and will learn to embrace the basic Sikh principles of sharing, equality, community, and the love of Waheguru.

Over the past few weeks Board members have initiated uncalled for and confusing steps that seem to be motivated with some kind of bias and prejudice towards Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji. These steps have included posting advertisements for a new Head Granthi in newspapers here in the USA as well overseas. These actions are a clear indication that Bhai Mohinder Singh Jiвs 27 years of Seva is being belittled and his sewa as Head Granthi is being jeopardized by seemingly personal and ulterior motives of only a few misguided individuals.

The idea of replacing Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji as Head Granthi is absolutely unwise and unacceptable to the Sangat members. Most importantly it is unjust unethical and above all a serious threat to the unity and harmony of the Sangat.

For the sake of harmony, unity and good-will in the community, and more importantly, for the respect and dignity of our Gurudwara, we humbly ask that the advertisement be withdrawn and Bhai Sahib allowed continuing as Head Granthi without any pre-conditions.

Please take timely and wise action to withdraw the advertisements from the newspapers and help restore peace, unity and harmony at our sacred Gurudwara.

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  • Daisy S
    • Comments
    • Injustice. Please stop this insanity
  • Khalsa S
    • Comments
    • We should call for immediate removal of this egotistic board. This board is comprised of uneducated morons, who have no brains whatsoever. This board is egotistic and does not have the interest of the community at heart. I believe one of the morons would like to bring his family member to USA.
  • Aman M
    • Comments
    • Bhai Ji is one of the best Spiritual leader i know.
    • Comments
    • Shame on current members.(claming being rehat maryade)
    • Comments
    • Removing Bhai Sahib as Head Granth of Palatine Guru Ghar is completely unacceptable. Please stop this Nonsense.
    • Comments
    • New commity has hurt our feelings. they should be removed from our board.
  • Preety s
    • Comments
    • We are blessed to have Bhai Mohinder Singh ji as our head granthi in the gurudwara.We all look up to him.
  • Hardarshan K
    • Comments
    • Board members,please stop this nosense and start working on good thing for chicago sangat.
  • Gurpal S
    • Comments
    • Do not replace Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji
  • Hardeep SIngh G
  • Jason S
    • Comments
    • The Sangat should be the ones to decide. Don't let a few make the decision on this topic on behalf of the Sangat
  • Gurmit S
    • Comments
    • The best head Granthi
  • Ikroop K
  • Sucha S
  • Harpreet S
  • navkaran b
  • sarbir singh b
  • gurbir b
  • manbir b
  • Jolly S
    • Comments
    • The board has not mentioned anywhere that Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji has done anything wrong, and so do not understand why is he being removed. I hope the board is interested in unity and harmony between sangat and not divide and rule.
  • Ginny J
    • Comments
    • A grave mistake by the board. Board members are not dictators, they are supposed to listen to the Sangat
  • Apneet J
    • Comments
    • He is my mentor and advisor. Why would I come to the Gurudwara if he is not there.
  • Izhaarbir S
    • Comments
    • It is pathetic if we can't even respect the Bhai Sahibs' that dedicate themselves to the community and Inspire the Sangat.
  • Amardeep S
    • Comments
    • I don't live any more in chicago but alway have conncetion. Very sorry to hear about Bhai Sahib and upset on new Board decesion.
  • Ravinder K. S
  • Navjot Singh M
  • Santokh H
  • Monica Dhillon (
    • Comments
    • This is such an outrage, how can anyone even think of doing such a thing to someone who has been so selfless and who has dedicated his life in the name of Sikhism and humanity. I condemn this type of behaviour, people that do this for personal motives and gains. I sign this petition to say I proudly support Bhai Sahib who I have known my entire life and know in my heart that he will remain the Head Granthi. Instead why don't the Board members work on real issues like support the community and the people who have lost their jobs, suffering because of the hard times, help those in need, isn't that what being a Sikh is about? To care and support the true and honest fellow man, no matter who they are.
  • Pavanjit B
  • Amanjit B
  • Darshan B
  • Shannon K
  • Navkiran K H
    • Comments
    • Its shame and disgusting how the current Board Members could even think of this. Please keep in mind " THE SANGAt'S WRATH " your sevadar as past President / Secretary/ & Treasurer of SRS
  • Harinder Singh l
    • Comments
    • I totally agree
  • Suman L
    • Comments
    • We think he is the best Granthi and spiritual guide that we known. He should remain, or we will stop supporting SRS.
  • Amardeep S
  • Lakhbir H
    • Comments
    • This is an outrage. Bhai Saab has been a big part of our community and a part of our lives growing up. It would be a tragedy to see him leave now.
  • Davinderjit S. K
  • Lakhwinder D
  • Jasvinder S
    • Comments
    • As a community we should resolve our issues amicably and not make a mockery to everybody else
  • Harpaljit S. M
  • Chandermeek M
  • Natasha K
    • Comments
    • Bhai Sahib ji is the foundation of our community, and essential part of our sangat, and a true leader for the Sikhs in the US. I feel indebted to him for inspiring so many of us to walk on the Guru's path and tirelessly supporting the youth with every endeavor. The manner in which this is being done is an outrage.
  • shivjit s h
    • Comments
    • this is the most malicious & dumb thing the board can do.What a lousy way to treat a bhaisahib who has given 27 years of service to community.
  • dolly k s
    • Comments
    • Guru Ghar at Palatine is held in utmost respect by citizens of sikh faith and of several other faiths in chicagoland. Any actions taken by its executive chosen sevadaars(board of members) should be well thought out and discussed in open hall meetings with sangat. We hereby take the opportunity to applause the current members for their hard work and for their enthusiam for bringing in changes to strengthen the respectable institute. We all must remember that institutes prevail if the fundamental are sound. This is highly inappropriate to give an ad for a new head granthi ji when the existing one is actively and respectfully honoring the current position as a head granthi for a long period of 27 years. Bhai Mohinder Singh deserves a respectful handling of any changes that board wishes to bring about. The board can advertise for any no. of assistants it wishes to do but by no means it should even remotely consider replacing an honorable Head Granthi who has diligently with utmost integrity has served us.
  • Gagandeep k
    • Comments
    • A humble request to the current board meembers to read the Rehit Maryada before pointing finger at the backbone of our Sikh community of Chicago. Please focus on how under the spiritual guidance of Bhai Sahib ji, we can focus our energy of taking care of troubling issues facing our Sikh men and women i.e. domestic violence; drugs; alcholism; child abuse; and many more issues that exist but we are turning our back towards!
  • kanwar A S
    • Comments
    • There is NO WAY the present Board should remove or make life difficult for Bhai Mohinder Singh to perform his clergy duties . If the board wants him to perform more duties they should het more help for him
  • jaspal S