Stanford Supports the Return of ROTC

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To: The Stanford Faculty Senate

We support the return of ROTC to Stanford University.

Our nations military deserves the best officers we can give it. Therefore, elite colleges such as Stanford should drop their historical severance in order to enable students to serve this vital public interest. ROTC contributes a different kind of leader to our armed services than those who go to the formal military academies and the Officer Candidate Schools and it provides a technical and professional focus that is totally compatible with the liberal arts education Stanford provides.

Presently, ROTC students make unnecessary sacrifices simply because Stanford upholds a policy from a bygone era. In sustaining that discrimination, the Stanford community loses valuable interactions with future military leadership and with one of the most important institutions in our country. We not only betray current and future students commitment to service, but also those alumni remembered on the walls of Memorial Hall.

As members of the Stanford community, we urge the Faculty Senates Ad Hoc Committee on ROTC to recommend that the program be reintroduced.

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