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Surrey County Council has issued a proposal to close Shortwood Infant School, which is a small village school that has served the local community for the last 125 years and one of the last of its kind.

50 Students will have no choice but to leave the school. 15 staff will loose their jobs and 33 children who attend the adjoining playgroup will be turned away and if this is not bad enough...

Surrey County Council has trampled on our rights as parents to choose the school that best suits our childrens needs after careful consideration. They have trampled on the rights of our children to a stable education and,if they are successful in their bid to close this school, they are trampling on the rights of future generations ...Dont let the bullys win!

As a community we can and should fight this closure. Lets stop this right here and now and in doing so we can keep other schools safe too.

Please help us to save Shortwood School by signing this petition and sending it on to everyone that you know.

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    • save the school =]
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    • Three generations of my family have attended this lovely little school. Please don't close it.
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    • [email protected]
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    • Please do not make a huge mistake and close this school.
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    • save this lovely school
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    • Save this school!!
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    • Surry County Council has an obligation to our children to keep this school open
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    • save the schook
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    • It's not always about the money.
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