Resident Evil 5 for Nintendo Wii

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Dear Capcom,

Ever since day 1, the Nintendo Wii has been selling out the second it has entered the store. People camp out hours and days just to get their hands on a Wii. These aren't casual gamers camping out everyday to get their hands on the Wii. These are the hardcore. They live and die playing video games. There will always be memories of Resident Evil in the back of their heads every time they come to play the Wii. It was a low-blow to all Nintendo fans when it was announced Resident Evil 5 was 360-PS3 exclusive. Why would you do this Capcom? The Wii DOES have a hardcore audience and a big one at that. Profits are made so much easier on the Wii. All Nintendo fans would rejoice at the news of Resident Evil 5 on the Wii. I am starting this petition today to let you know that we want Resident Evil 5. We DON'T care if the graphics are worse. We will buy the game. It won't be just me; it will be millions of people. So, as a message from all of us Nintendo Wii owners, please consider putting Resident Evil 5 on the Nintendo Wii. I hope that the thousands of signatures of this petition will show you that this game deserves to be on the Wii.

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