Free and Reunite the Quets Family

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Allison Quets is a mother, who has been fighting a legal battle for
over a
year. It is over her twins, Holly and Tyler Quets.

She had been severely ill through out her pregnancy and afterwards,
and was
concerned that she would not be able to care for them. So, she
adoption. However, in the state of Florida, when a person considers
adoption, and makes the phone call to the agency or lawyer, the
agencies and
lawyers will stop at nothing to get the baby. In Allison's case, they
twice as hard, because she had twins.

After intense coercive tactics used by the lawyer, Allison Quets had
only some of the legal papers. However, hours after signing the
papers, she
realized that it wasn't what she wanted to do, and revoked her
consent for
the adoption, and had a written revocation for the adoption within 2
However, because of the unethical and corrupt adoption practices in
state of Florida, she has in the end spent her life savings battling
court case, and filing briefs, appeals, and done everything legal up
to this

Out of desperation, and fearing that she would never see her children
she picked them up for her visit, and went to Canada where she hopes
will treat her fairly, do a full investigation of the case, and rule
on the
side of justice, and return her children to her. When adoption was
given as
a choice, it doesn't seem that the person making the choice should
have to
spend their entire life savings on choosing otherwise.

This case proves once and for all, that adoption is NOT a choice, Even if we did have the means to fight the 1.44 billion dollar, largely unregulated, not-for profit, tax exempt, religious institution called the adoption industry, has much more influence and determination to force adoptions,rather than to protect and preserve natural families. There is too much corruption in legislation, amongst lawyers, court systems, and media concerning adoption.

This is not the kind of thing we as a society should allow to happen in a free and just nation.

1941 Signatures

  • Michael F
    • Comments
    • Set her free! Give her the children!
  • Kim B
    • Comments
    • I have been following this story for over a month. I hope so much that Ms. Quets has justice served to her by having the adoption overturned!
  • elaine f
    • Comments
    • babies should go back to birth mom
  • Shawn Kelly (Ottawa, Ontario C
    • Comments
    • Is there a legal defence fund ? where are donations being accepted ?
  • Sherry E
    • Comments
    • I am outraged that there is no law in place protecting the birth mother. Allison Quets revoked her decision LESS THAN 24 HOURS after she signed papers. I think it is time to review adoption laws in Florida, and elsewhere in the U.S. where there is no 'grace period
  • Keith L
    • Comments
    • As the father of a beautiful, blond, blue eyed little girl who reminds me very much like Holly, I believe this is CRIMINAL what the state and the Needhams are putting Allision Quets through. A child belongs with THEIR mother, especially a MOTHER who drained her savings to keep them. The Needhams need to look elsewhere for children.
  • Chandra
    • Comments
    • The world has yet to acknowledge the absolute right of the child to his/her mother. There is a real cruelty being imposed on Ms. Quets and her twins.
  • Linda C
    • Comments
    • Ms. Quets made an uninformed decision when she was very ill. Even though Florida law, and every State law should give a birthmother more time to change their mind, Alison Quets, in a physically sick state, changed hers in an appropriate amount of time. She should be freed and her children returned to her. This is an eye opener for all States to be put on notice. A woman should not be signing away a child before the birth, or while she is in hospital. She should be given at least 30 days to change her mind. So many states have 0 days for a woman to change her mind. This is true injustice for the child and the birthparents. The only reason for having a law where a mother (or father) signs her baby away before the baby is born, or the day the baby is born, is to make it easier for adoptive parents not to be disappointed. What about the baby, its heritage and the birthparents?? We should be looking at how all these laws were passed!!!!
  • Marsha H
    • Comments
    • Allison is such a sweet person. She deserves to have her children back.
  • Rebecca R
  • Jamie C
    • Comments
    • I think it's about time something like this has come to the media's attention because adoption corruption has been behind closed door's way to long! In some cases it takes one person with a huge heart to bring something out and unfornitalty it landed on this womens shoulders. I pray to god she wins and this shows people what adoption process and the system is really like and starts to put the end to the corruption of the lies and deceit of our so called " Loving Choice"
  • Janet L
  • William A
  • Barbara F
    • Comments
    • I am Allison's friend.....this hurts my heart to have her and those beautiful babies going through this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reform Florida adoption law!!!!
  • Lisa C
    • Comments
    • Allison deserves Justice and should be allowed her twins back.
  • Jenn W
    • Comments
    • This should not happen to any woman or child. If those children do not get to go back to their mother, those children will one day resent the law. What kind of a law is it anyways? Unbelievable! They will also one day end up hating their adoptive parents for not allowing them to live with their own mother.
  • Shannen W
    • Comments
    • Every child should have the opportunity to be raised by their mother, if the mother is fit; and SHE IS FIT!
  • mike f
    • Comments
    • ubelievable i can not believe the idiocrocy behind some of these laws.This law must be changed.
  • Marie S
    • Comments
    • The lawyers, judges, and the court system should be ashamed of how they have treated this family. Maybe the attorney general should launch a VERY intense investigation into the practices of this Jacksonville attorney.
  • Marlena F
  • Melanie T
  • Pei C
  • Samantha B
  • Sharon S
    • Comments
    • I have been priviledge to know Allison somewhat throughout her legal battles for the return of her kids and am disgusted at the refusal of any "governing powers" that refuses to reunite these children to such a LOVING mother.
  • J. S
    • Comments
    • I hope this lady is allowed to have her children back and I hope a close relative saves all of these news stories for the children for when they start asking about their real mother/and they will!!!!. . At least they will know how much she loved them. Just maybe they will be able to be together for Christmas someday under better circumstances.
  • Dianne M
    • Comments
    • Although I do not generally agree with bio parents wanting children back, this case is different. If the Needhams love those children they will return them to their mother.
  • Erika H
  • Christina F
    • Comments
    • Holly Springs, NC
  • Mary
    • Comments
    • В
  • Lisa B
  • rhonda p
    • Comments
    • this case is reminiscent of the decades that women were forced to surrender children against their will. Those children were removed from their mother under the same techniques used on mothers in the decades before roe vs wade. Possibly she was overwhelmed by the thought of two children by herself and heard society say "you can not do this by yourself." Whatever the full story is, Mothers should have at least 30 days to decide and to get medical and emotional support. This is an assault on Women because a judge has decided that two parents are better than a single female one. As far as I am concerned Tyler and Holly were kidnapped by the Needhams who are not their parents and never will be. Parenting is about love not about fufilling their own needs.
  • Lori S
    • Comments
    • I think that people become desparate when it comes to children but if their mother wants and loves them as she seems to that is where they belong and you can not kidnap your children if you mean them no harm
  • Leanne H
    • Comments
    • I don't understand why there is two different time frames associated with the adoption of your child. So, if they are 6 months and older you have two days to change your mind, but if they are infants there is no time to change your mind. The fact of the matter is she is the biological parent who suffered enough pain during the pregnancy. Clearly, she was not herself when making the decision and wants her babies back. Give her the children back and stop this bullying. I am absoutely sickend by what I read and believe firmly that Allison deserves her children. The Needhams need to change thier minds!!!
  • Chad C
  • Sharon S
    • Comments
    • Let the kids go to their mother who loves them. In a world where there are millions of kids in need of adoption because they have noone to care for them it is inconcivable that a couple reserves the right to separate a set of twins from their loving mother. If they want to be care givers leet them give care for those in need. STOP THIS APPALLING legal fight. Return the children to their LOVING AND CAPABLE BIRTH MOTHER.
  • Susan J
    • Comments
    • tragedy
  • Carla M
  • James Miller (
    • Comments
    • My heart breaks for you Lee, you're in my prayers.
  • Sherry H
  • Mary T
    • Comments
    • it is sickening what the justice system has done to this woman, when a birth mother says no and changes her mind within the revocation period, the prospectivev adoptive parents should return the baby, who is guilty of the crime of kidnapping, The Needhams took these children to NC, the returning state should have honoured the 7 day revocation period, they did not, Allison should have not had to face the legal fight of her life, Give her chidlren back, Now these greedy people, want her house, her money, her assets, when will this stop! When will " in God We Trust" the Court System begin to work for Allison" Wake up America and start helping your people! Give your children what they deserve, a mother who loves them, it is the only way we can support and foster a brighter tomorrow, we must invest in family values and integrity! Florida State Justice System should be ashamed of what they have done to this family! The legal profession has a terrible stain on it! Fix this!
  • Gayle R
    • Comments
    • As an adoptive mother, I believe these children should have been returned to their birth mother when she initially changed her mind (within hours) and rescinded. That would have been in the best interests of these children.
  • Richard V
    • Comments
  • Elise T
    • Comments
    • return these children to their rightful mother
  • R.C. G
    • Comments
    • Please give this Lady a break, she deserves it!
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  • AL K
    • Comments
    • I was a co-worker with Allison and know her to be a person of outstanding qualities. It makes no sense that she not be allowed to change her mind within 3 days to keep her twins. Other contracts that are signed give 3 days for recission.
  • Diane P
    • Comments
    • As a child of an adopted mother, it was such a loss to never know my grandmother, especially since my mother's adoptive mother died when I was just a baby. I had no grandmother, but could possibly have had a fulfilling relationship with my natural maternal grandma.
  • Brian D
    • Comments
    • I believe Florida needs to revisit there adoption laws.
  • Wendy
    • Comments
    • Give Alison her children back! its best for both children and mother.. Stop abortions and use those poor unwanted children instead!
  • Mark & Mary Jo Formosa , From Kingston, O
    • Comments
    • We had the opportunity to meet Allison Quets and Holly & Tyler. Allison is not only an incredible worman she is also a wonderful, loving mother to Holly & Tyler. We were able to see this first hand spending 5 days together with them.