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To Whom It May Concern:

I am an avid viewer of ABS CBN and I am very well up-to-date regarding their shows. Without any doubt, I am a Kapamilya. However, last August 03, 2009, an incident happened when Wowowee Host Willie Revillame blurted out comments when a video of Pres. Cory's cortege appeared on the screen.

While a contestant was dancing for the talent portion, a snippet of Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege was shown on the screen. But Willie did not cut short the dancing portion. Instead, he let the contestant finish her routine. After that, he blurted out comments regarding the video of Pre. Cory's cortege. He said:

"Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin 'yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos... Masakit sa akin 'yan, e. Nagsasalita ako dito... 'yan, please. Sana maintindihan n'yo. Nagsasaya kami dito, papakita n'yo sa amin yun ang... di ba? Hindi tama, e. Okey? Hindi ba?"

"Pangit! Hindi ho maganda sa atin. Nagsasalita, ipinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory, hindi ba? Papano kami makapagsasaya, nahihirapan kami? I'm sorry ho, ha. Pero ako, totoo ako, e. 'Wag n'yo akong pagagalitan, kasi totoo ang gusto kong malaman...

"Pagkatapos ng show, ipakita n'yo ang gusto n'yong palabas. Kasi itong Wowowee, gusto ko... Hindi ba, at alam din ni Tita Cory 'yan dahil napasaya rin siya ng show na ito na laging masaya dito, ok?"

Some may argue that Willie's intention was good, but I rather find these statements rude and arrogant. Wowowee and Revillame is known by millions of Filipino viewers and the show is even watched across several countries through TFC. To react in such way is downright arrogant and disrespectful to the former President Corzaon Aquino. I know that it was a bad taste for ABS-CBN to show a snippet of the funeral on Wowowee, but it was worst for Revillame to react that way.

Willie have chosen to let the contestant dance instead of cutting short her act and give way to the coverage of the cortege. Willie have chosen to blurt out his rude comments ON-AIR instead of Off-cam. In short, Willie have chosen to have fun instead of giving way to the funeral of Pres. Corazon Aquino. So they'd rather have fun instead of pay our respects to our democracy icon? That was not a good example to our youth today.

Was it really hard for him to be humble and human? I believe that this is not the first time that he aired his views and rather arrogant comments On-air. He embarasses his staff, makes fun of the contestants, and arrogantly act on TV almost everyday. Pres. Aquino taught us humility, and Revillame is showing us the exact opposite: arrogance.

This time, Willie's statement should be condemed not only by the public, but by the management of ABS-CBN as well. It also creates a public outrage in the internet forums, chatting boards, and online-newspapers. Majority have negative reactions and have condemned Willie Revillame's brutal statements.

With this, I am calling the attention of the management of ABS-CBN to stop the вarrogant actв of Willie Revillame on National TV program and reprimand him because of his actions. Willie Revillame had been very disrespectful to the Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege, Filipinos icon of democracy. It was also worst for your company that your own employee criticize you on national television instead on off the air conversations.

I am calling the attention of the MTRCB to be more vigilant, so that this lowest form of personal attack by a tv showbiz talk show host, for her/his personal agenda, will not happen again

I am calling the PANA to stop supporting Wowowee until they axe or reprimand Willie Revillame due to his actions. With him as one of the hosts, your product does not project a positive image to the public.

The public and TFC subscribers deserve better programming, and we deserve better than the likes of Willie Revillame.

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  • Adam
    • Comments
    • Shame on you Willie Revillame. You just disrespect national heroine and your country!!! Show some respect to people who past away especially to our national heroine
  • Anton
  • Toto
  • Jap
  • Mark V
  • eloy
  • Simon P
  • jobs
    • Comments
    • binastos nya si tita cory, pero yung dancer, pinatapos nya. just showed you the kind of sick perv he is...
  • Cynthia
    • Comments
    • televiewers need a better host for this noon time show.
  • jocelyn d
    • Comments
    • its about time for him to let go..
  • Vincent V
    • Comments
    • Utter disrespect. ABS-CBN wouldnt even be here today if not for Mrs. Aquino.
  • Victorino L. Espeсa J
    • Comments
    • shut up!
  • Christine B
  • CF
    • Comments
    • What he did was really disrespectful and done in bad taste. :(
  • Jaro F
    • Comments
    • willie = airhead
  • eton de g
  • Kevin Earl E. Y
    • Comments
    • He doesn't give respect to the former President. It's an arrogant act. That's not appropriate.
  • paolo y
  • Rachel B
  • Anjo S
  • Yuu H
  • jhess l
    • Comments
    • dapat alisin na yan. mayabang!!!!!!
  • josefina
    • Comments
    • willie go, gohomegoaway,salot ka sa buong mundo
  • Jayne O
  • Joy A
    • Comments
    • tama un
  • Ashley H
    • Comments
    • He may have a good intention but his way of saying it is really rude.
  • KZ
  • Jeriel M
    • Comments
    • I was in school on the day Willie did that on TV. I found it out on the internet when there were already videos about it in Youtube. It's an outrage. Willie lacks respect.
  • xyrus s
    • Comments
    • ulol ka willie mamatay ka na sana tapos bas2cn yang burol mo tanga!!
  • ashley e
    • Comments
    • rude willie!
  • Preston
    • Comments
    • unacceptable...
  • JN R
  • Frandez
    • Comments
    • Willie needs values education and should know how to apply it.
  • Harold Jason S. R
    • Comments
    • Palitan si WIllie sa WoWoWee, retain the show ipalet si Edu
  • Faye
  • larry u
  • roger
    • Comments
    • hope this will push
  • evangeline d
    • Comments
    • i never like him ever, he's so rude & arrogant, walang manners,
  • veronica s
    • Comments
    • ill-mannered & disgusting
  • zarah
  • dela c
  • Accel
  • Vincent T
  • Chester R
  • Kisho H
    • Comments
    • People should be shown teh truth! D:
  • bobby r
  • Cate T
  • jeff b
    • Comments
    • arrogant,disrespecting maniac manzano should replace him....a class act.
  • medith t
  • dustin g