Bring Bobbie Eakes Back to The Bold and the Beautiful!

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    Bradley Bell, Bell-Phillip Inc. and The Powers that Be at CBS
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    With Love To... BOBBIE!
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Bobbie Eakes is a very talented actress and singer. Thanks to her wonderful portrayal of Macy, her character became a favorite soap heroine - and Bobbie, a fan fave among her millions of worldwide fans.

When the news about Bobbie's departure - and Macy's demise - broke out, it broke the heart of all of us, her loyal fans.

Several times, fans were given the hope that our dear Macy is still alive. Between Adam's insinuations in January 2001 and Thorne's dream in August 2001 (in which The Powers That Be were careful not to show Macy as a ghost or an angel during Bobbie's guest appearance), fans have many reasons to believe our favorite heroine was not the one to die in the car crash (but the track driver, who came to her rescue).

The Bold and the Beautiful is a wonderful soap, but has not been the same since July 2000, Bobbie's last episodes.

After having the first petition signed 270 times, we, the undersigned, would like The Powers That Be at The Bold and the Beautiful and CBS to bring back Bobbie Eakes as Macy to B&B.

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  • T. H
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    • Both Bobbie and Jeff should be brought back to the show. Their voices and acting are incredible. They make a fine couple !!!!!
  • Michael S
  • Thomas G. K
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    • Bring Back Bobbie!
  • Toni J
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    • Bring Macy back to life, she has always been my favorite!
  • Shanna S
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    • I loved Bobbie Eakes' character. Please bring her back.
  • Maja
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    • B&B is not the same without Bobbie/Macy! Please bring her back!! We miss her SO much!!!
  • Berit
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    • Go girl!!!!
  • maryelle t
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    • seen bobbie on the show more than my whole life ...seems weird without it ...the show is not complete
  • Sharon W. G
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    • I refuse to watch B&B without Macy AND TAYLOR! Very angry over Taylor's death (never got over Macy's death)
  • Sooz
    • Comments
    • I too miss Bobbie Eakes. She was the classiest lady on the show. It hasn't been the same without her...
  • terri s
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    • Please bring Bobbie Eakes back to the bold and beautiful. She belongs there and is truly missed by the longtime fans of the bold and beautiful.
  • Stefhanie M
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    • Please bring back Macy. She was a wonderful character and Bobbie Eakes is a wonderful actress. B&B has not been the same since her departure.
  • Tanja
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    • Yes definitely Macy back. Although I don't want her back together with Thorne, because I love, and always have loved Brooke&Thorne. But Macy was a great character, and I would love to see her again, and finding a new direction to her life.
  • Charlotte
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    • I love Macy and I think her death was among B&B's saddest episodes. Bring her back...we all miss her!!!!!
  • Neomi
  • takfor
  • Valeria
    • Comments
    • Please, bring Macy back!
  • Ianthe J
    • Comments
    • I think it would be great to see Macy back. Do you know what would happen to Brooke when Macy finds out all the crap Brooke put Bridget through. Not to mention the payback Brooke still needs to get for the crap she put Macy through. BRING MACY BACK!
  • Vйronique
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    • Macy would be success to go out her car and would be choiced to leave LA to go live in an other town to forget Thorne , for example.
  • Dorianne Z
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    • Bobbie you are the best woman on the whole world, and I hope you came back at B&B
  • vivica
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    • welcome back macy we miss you are lot you are the best it was no longer the same without you in the show im so glad you are back in the show .
  • karen m
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    • i really liked her and thorne together
  • Elaine B
  • wally
    • Comments
    • She is my best actress prefered.Her voice is a God's gift, and when she sung on B&B was wonderful.Please we want Macy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jillian A
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    • Macy should return better than ever, strong and not dependant on throne, he should be chasing after her, after all he put her through hell
  • Willemijn
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    • YAY! I am SO glad Bobbie`s back!!!!! She is tha best!!!!!
  • Donissa A
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    • Please bring him back
  • hester
  • bjõrn
    • Comments
    • Please bring macy and sally back!!!!! There are a lot of cool actresses who can play sally!!! Susan luci perhaps? Or the acress who plays vivian in dool or dorian lord in oltl
  • Kendra M
    • Comments
    • Bring her back. My daughter is named after her.
  • petulus
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    • Please bring in Sheila Carter again!!