Fire Mike Dunleavy Sr.

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    Donald Sterling and Andy Roeser
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Let us start with the point: We do not want Mike Dunleavy to be the Clippers Coach. Please Mr. Donald Sterling and Mr. Andy Roeser I plead with you, please fire Mike Dunleavy or relieve him of his coaching duties. Look at the talent your team has, and look at their inability to have a productive offense and their lack of defense. The team looks wonderful on paper, yet their offensive sets are horrible and Mike's substitutions are even worse.
We are lifelong fans of the Los Angeles Clippers. Win or lose, good or bad, right or wrong, we love the Los Angeles Clippers. We feel we speak for an entire city when we say that we are an organization of hard working fans, and hard working players who care passionately about our win/loss record. As fans we want out team to excel and perform to their highest ability.
While we are thankful for his service, we feel that Mike Dunleavy has been a black eye on the organization and has no business being mentioned as an elite coach. Mike could not win a title with a talented Laker team, couldn't do it with a loaded Trailblazer team and miserably destroyed the Bucks when he was both coach and G.M.
Let's talk about facts now. So far on the season, here are Mikes numbers:
2003/2004 - 28 Wins, 54 Losses
2004/2005 - 37 Wins, 45 Losses
2005/2006 - 47 Wins, 35 Losses
2006/2007 - 40 Wins, 42 Losses
2007/2008 23 Wins, 59 Losses
2008/2009, 19 Wins, 63 Losses

That is abysmal, horrible atrocious. One winning season in six years, that is absolutely terrible. There is no reason for him to keep coaching.
We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Clippers, please release Mike Dunleavy of his coaching duties. Too many players have complained of his coaching, and even players who aspired to become coaches, i.e. Sam Cassel wanted to study under others (George Karl). What does this say? He has never represented anything close to an elite coach and has done nothing but destroyed franchises. Many fans have stopped watching due to Mike's horrible coaching, i.e. Jay Mohr. The team has tons of slow down ridiculous plays and constantly looks congested, confused and plain out horrible. For example, the team is very predictable, the normally Kaman post up and if he is double teamed he tries to pass the ball out, in which the Clippers do not swing the ball crisply or just miss the shot. In this set up you would think Novak would be used to utilize his shooting, however Novak usually sits the whole first half then is inserted in the game at the end of the third after the Clippers are already down by 15 or more. What good is Novak supposed to do then? Please do something fast and salvage the Clippers season. Please do not let Mike's ten million dollar contract stop you from making a decision in which you could overcome just by hiring a good coach and winning ball games.
We are asking this as a favor to those of us who have supported this team long, long, long before Dunleavy was hired. We understand there are ups and downs; however we do expect a team to be competitive given their current talent level. Show this town you are committed to competing with the Lakers are becoming a competitive franchise and fire Mike Dunleavy now.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

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    • Can't be both GM & Coach
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    • Please fire him now
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    • Please sign Byron Scott
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    • Down with Dunleavy!
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    • i agree, even tho im a heat fan
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    • Fire him now
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    • seriously. Please hire Bill Simmons
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    • cool
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    • i hate dunleavy more than osama bin laden
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    • stop this
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    • fire dunleavy please
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    • The Clipper Curse is Dunleavy!
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    • Damn he sucks!
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    • Dunlevy should have been fired long ago
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    • Let Baron do his thing!
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    • excellent gm, atrocious coach
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    • Get healthy Blake
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    • I wonder if the players say anything to sterling?
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    • has a petition ever actually worked?
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    • Do it now! Griffin make it happen
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    • It's seems strange to me that an owner is actually scared of his employee! No balls