Pampers in Adult Sizes

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Dear Management of Procter & Gamble,

This petition is to ask you to produce a range of youth and adult sized nappies (diapers) similar in designs to your baby nappies. The Pampers range is simple the best on the market!

This could be done by producing a line of plain nappies for people with incontinence problems and then producing a hybrid made with your baby range materials.

As you will be aware, incontinence affect a large portion of the people at some time in their life, so breaking into this market would make business sense.

You may not be aware however that there are also a growing number of both youths and adults who use nappies for recreation. If you look on the internet you will see there are numerous sites dedicated to this pastime. But the number of companies producing adult nappies aimed at this market is limited.

By producing a range of larger nappies you will create a customer base that will take people from the cradle right through to the grave. Customers would be able to buy your products for the whole of their lives. Think of the extra number of nappies that would mean you could sell each year!

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    • Being the best protect in he world for babies, you really should make some for adult, but thicker than baby ones
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