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Meaningful High School Diploma

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    Washington State Board of Education
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    Concerned Education Advocates
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Were parents, educators, business leaders, kids and others in the community working together to do all we can to improve education in our state.

We believe that a Washington State high school diploma should mean students graduate ready for college, job training and the workforce.

Washingtons high school graduation requirements are outdated and our kids are paying the price:

- Only 41\% of high school graduates meet college entrance requirements in Washington.
- More than half of firms surveyed reported difficulty finding qualified job applicants in Washington.
- Our students compete with students from thirty-seven states that have stronger graduation requirements than Washington.

We want the Washington State Board of Education to vote to update our states high school diploma at their July 23-24 meeting in Vancouver, WA.

The time is now. Our future depends on all of us.

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    • It's time to update the requirements -- our kids need higher standards!
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