Petition for Google to Start Online Auctions

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Dear Google,

We just wanted to pass on a suggestion that we think Google should get involved in. And NOW the timing is more perfect than ever.

Google Auctions.

You already have the platform... and I think it would be a huge success. Ebay will be raising their fees as of Feb 18th and thousands are getting involved in "No Listing Week" on eBay from Feb 18-25th.

But we need an alternative... perhaps this is where our favorite company... Google comes in.

Please do it...

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  • Annette G
  • Jean W
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    • Seriously. Google hasn't done this yet.
  • Cory R
  • Brian S
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    • I'm sure that you have good reasons for resisting this idea. Please think them over again and reconsider. If you launched such a site, I believe that it would be a sensation. The goodwill that Google has built up over the years will serve to drive people to the site in huge numbers. Dare to dream!
  • Tonya S
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    • Someone needs to open a legit auction site to run out eBay. With all their fees sellers don't realize if they have a lot of items for sale but they are giving eBay the majority of their profit. One example I had that was easy to calculate was a 1 6 oz. recipe tin box. Same shipping in the U.S. priority mail. I had a price tag on it of $1.99 & the shipping was the exact amount it cost me to ship it. By the time it was all said & done eBay had .98 cents of my $1.99 item so I made $1.01 but then you have to consider the PayPal fees which is eBay's profit also & that came out of the $1.01 so I was lucky to have cleared .50 cents off that item.... Ridiculous!