Johnnie Mae Chappell Case

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On March 23, 1964 a young boy's mother was shot during a race riot in which she was not a participant(she was walking home from work as a maid). The shots came from a car with four men in it. The little boy whos mother had been shot was only four months old. That little boy is now a grown man who has had to not only grieve over the loss of his mother, but also fight for justice for his mother's shooting most of his adult life.
The shooting on March 23, 1964 killed Johnnie Mae Chappell, the mother of the four month old, Shelton Chappell.

Only one out of the four men served a prison sentence after being convicted of manslaughter by a jury. That man served a three year prison sentence.

Prosecuters dropped the charges against the other three men.

Two of those three men still live in Jacksonville, Florida.

State Attourney Harry Shorstein stated he was "saddened by...this historically tragic loss" in a letter to Shelton.

If we cannot win the fight for justice with such an obvious example of injustice, then how can we expect justice anywhere else?

You know something is wrong with America when four murderers will not be prosecuted because of time that has passed.

If you heard this same story about a white person in the news, don't you think the case would be tried?

Did I mention that Johnnie Mae Chappell was a minority? I bet that throws a spin on the story.

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  • Natasha
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    • Please help us stop prejudice
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    • alabama
  • Emma E
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    • This petiton calls attention to such a huge ordeal.
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    • Colorado
  • Evangelia S
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    • This is an injustice. If it was a white person who was shot and killed, all of the men would be prosecuted and probably even receive the death penalty.
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    • NJ
  • la la la la l
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    • lalalalala
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  • Dolly J
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    • I support this petition because justice should be served
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    • Texas
  • Kelli
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    • We need to start by fighting where injustice is obvious
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    • TX
  • Brooke T
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    • hi
  • Naomi Krupitsky W
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    • This is a serious breach of justice and proof of how flawed our justice system is. Bring these men to a real sentence!!!
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    • California
  • Mindy S
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    • I think if it would have been a white women, EVERYONE would have known about it within two hours.
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    • Alabama
  • Virginia D
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    • Justice will not be denied.
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    • MS