South Carolina Medical Hemp Initiative

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    S.C. Governor and General Assembly
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    Palmetto Pride for Hemp Law Reform
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We, the undersigned citizens of South Carolina, hereby petition the
Governor and General Assembly of the State of South Carolina to
enact appropriate legislation to permit licensed physicians to
prescribe marijuana, and to ensure a safe and affordable supply of
marijuana for medical use.

WHEREAS, Scientific and medical studies by the National Academy of
Science have shown marijuana to be a safe and effective medicine
for the treatment of glaucoma, epilepsy, muscle spasticity,
arthritis, anxiety, depression, the symptoms of withdrawal from
alcohol and narcotics, and the nausea, vomiting and appetite loss
associated with chemotherapies; and

WHEREAS, The State of South Carolina legally recognized the
medicinal value of marijuana in 1980 (South Carolina Controlled
Substances Therapeutic Research Act of 1979); and

WHEREAS, South Carolina polls indicate that 71\% of respondents
believe drug abuse should be addressed with treatment rather than
incarceration (Global Strategy Group, 2002); and

WHEREAS, National polls indicate that at least 70\% of United States
citizens support medical marijuana when prescribed by a physician
(AARP, Time Magazine, Gallup); and

WHEREAS, The billions of dollars spent prosecuting and imprisoning
sick people in South Carolina and across the nation could be better
spent on programs emphasizing treatment, education and
rehabilitation; and

WHEREAS, Compassion and common sense demand that we allow America's
seriously ill citizens to use whatever medication is most safe and
effective according to their doctors to alleviate their pain and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Governor and General Assembly of
the State of South Carolina enact appropriate legislation to permit
marijuana to be prescribed by licensed physicians and to ensure a
safe and affordable supply of marijuana for medical use.

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  • jasob b
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  • Melissa B
  • Timothy S
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    • Legalize it.
  • david c
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    • its been proven that any mental and physical effects overtime are the same as cigarettes and alcohol. Why not legalize marijuana and get those 858000 smokers out of jail and use the $30.000 in taxes annually that are spent on the total care of one prisoner, why not spend some of that money on housing and jobs instead
  • Steven B
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    • no reason for it to be illegal. it should be allowed for medical uses the benefits have been proven.
  • chelle
  • tonya s
  • Jefferson R
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    • Marijuana should be legal for not only medicinal uses but for recreational purposes as well. With it being legalized, there would be more money to stimulate the economy, and crime would drastically go down. Marijuana is also safer than Nicotine and alcohol and are less addictive than them as well.
  • Callum Y
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    • Stop legislating what people want and need
  • courtney p
  • robert s
  • brandy p
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    • marilize legauanaaaaa!!!! :)
  • Kristian Angel Y
  • Kawani T
  • Graham N
  • daniel t blowers I
  • daniel t blowers I
  • Trey C
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    • It would help my father with fibromyalgia he is in a lot of pain
  • Angelia B
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    • Cannabis is an effective treatment for hundreds if not thousands of ailments. The medical research is available and it is past due that patients are not treated as criminals and cannabis be legally available and treated no different than any drug on the legal market.
  • Matthew G
  • Jacob H
  • Jacob H
  • jed
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    • FREE HEMP!
  • Andrew E
  • Celeste S
  • Slade M
  • Jesse P
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    • Legalize and tax NOW!!
  • Christine C
  • Darren P
  • Kimberly M
  • Ricky Len L
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    • Commercial Hemp Production is needed to produce Trillions for the Citizens of South Carolina!
  • Margaret E. T
  • Waylon H
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    • As a disabled combat veteran, please lets all move on together and do the right thing.
  • Thomas C
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    • Although I am not personally a marijuana user, it's obvious we can't afford the prohibition that is being put on it.
  • Lloyd B
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    • Prohibit ignorance instead.
  • John S
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    • definitely need it
  • Mary R La P
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    • it would be wonderful if this bill passed as my husband is critically ill and this medicine would cure hm.
  • herbert C
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    • never used marijuana but watched an old friend die of cancer of the throat.They had to inject him with pain killers to ease the pain. put him in a state of mind he could not even hear my last words to him. he could have smoked marijuana and died in peace and been aware of his surroundings he said he wanted it but wouldnt do it because it was against the law and being a veteran of ww2 He had honors and how was he rewared by the state. the inability to perform his dying wishes thank you.
  • kristy s
  • mike sipos j
  • Michael B
  • Thomas S
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    • Wagener, SC
  • willard b
  • Derek S
  • Daimen H
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    • Itz time the power iz returnd to the people
  • brenda l
  • Mr.&mrs. Troy w
  • Beverly A
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    • I have RA and need relief from constant pain..
  • Sherry M. J