Fire Rachel McNicols and Call Back AJ Cook & Paget Brewster

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    CBS & Ed Bernero
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To: CBS & Ed Bernero

Last Summer, you decided to operate certain notorious changes in the casting of Criminal Minds for "artistic reasons" by dismissing AJ COOK alias Jennifer "JJ" Jarreau and Paget BREWSTER alias Emily Prentiss, nevertheless present since the seasons 1 and 2.
But as if it was not enough for our misfortune, you engaged Rachel Nichols alias Ashley Seaver in at tend of 2010 to assure a feminine presence in the field.
Alas, we have to admit that this new recruit is a real disappointment for a great part of us, fans of the show since its debuts!

If you still have an ounce of commonsense, Ladies and Gentlemen of CBS, dismiss Rachel McNicol and her character of Cadet Seaver to their studies and call back AJ COOK and Paget BREWSTER right now.

You made an error of judgment the last Summer but it isn't irreversible, so.
please, this time, take the right decision and quickly!


Criminal Minds Fans (around the World)

40 Signatures

  • larissa w
    • Comments
    • bring them back, criminal minds will suck without them!
  • Ed K
    • Comments
    • goodbye CBS
  • Onebamoi B
  • Ghislaine B
  • loloAh
    • Comments
    • We love JJ and Emy
  • Erin B
  • richard g
  • erin
    • Comments
    • В
  • sofia
  • Collomb S
  • Raine S
  • goldengater
    • Comments
    • For the reason given on this petition.
  • joueux
    • Comments
    • ='(
  • tami a
    • Comments
    • keep aj and paget
  • wattier
    • Comments
    • please, we want Paget and AJ come back
  • alvira j
    • Comments
    • Ashley Seaver clearly doesn't fit with this team , PLEASE Bring back AJ and Paget.Plus in my opinion Rachel Nichols is a bad actrice she also doesn't fit with the CM crew !
  • carmen
    • Comments
    • i miss aj and paget cm it will be not the same without they
  • Chris
    • Comments
    • Stop ruining our show!!! If it isn't broke, don't fix it!!!
  • maria c
  • lisse e
  • LaShawna
  • vivi67
  • Vikki
    • Comments
    • Please Bring back A.J. Cook for good!!!
  • Gabriela Torres S
    • Comments
    • PB & AJ are veterans and make the show what it is. the BAU "boys club" needs them women, and who will ever call reid "Spence" !? BRING THEM BACK!!!!!
  • soso
  • Annie B
  • Gйraldine B
  • Kelsey
  • Emmanuelle
  • Nana
  • Mйlanie
  • Sherry
    • Comments
    • Bring Criminal Minds back to its Season 4 and 5 glory!!
  • Gina L
    • Comments
    • AJ Cook and Paget Brewster are the two ladies that make me want to watch Criminal Minds. CBS, you better bring them back or else you'll probably see more boycotting of the show.
  • Jennifer K
    • Comments
    • You guys at CBS have made a big mistake in getting rid of JJ and pushing Ashley Seaver on us. I have truly loved CM for a long time and adore Prentiss, Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Garcia, and Reid (and JJ ofcourse), and wish the actors and actresses who play them the best of luck, but I can't watch anymore. I tried watching Seaver's first couple episodes, but since I just saw that she is included in the cast opening credits, I have to stop. I can't watch anymore. Getting rid of our wonderful JJ and replacing her with a young cadet? A young cadet joins the BAU, really? That seems pretty far-fetched and unrealistic. Oh wait(!), she's got experience and causes us to have empathy for her because her dad was a serial killer? I have no respect for you guys. You guys are thinking with your lower halves and not your brains. CM has jumped the shark. Good luck making this, once wonderful, series last much longer. It is now deleted from my DVR schedule and I will not miss this new, truly unpleasant version of CM.
  • DeLaFrance
    • Comments
    • I want to write this comment in english but I can't xD So, I'll write in french, just: Fire Seaver and bring us Prentiss and JJ!! Pourquoi CBS a virй Emily pour faire venir une autre qui n'ammиne rien а la sйrie? C'est une cadet, elle n'a rien а faire dans une йquipe d'йlite du FBI! А cause de ces mauvais choix, la sйrie subit des pertes d'audiances, si зa continue comme cela, on risque de supprimer CM! NON! Sign this petition! Signez la pйtition! Mon anglais est horrible mais il faut faire passer le message partout quand mкme! ON VEUT EMILY PRENTISS ET JJ ET PAS CETTE SEAVER!!!! WE WANT TO EMILY PRENTISS AND JJ AND NOT THIS SEAVER!!
  • Angela
    • Comments
    • I just want the women back and seaver gone! Or Im gone!
  • Tina M
  • kathleen b
    • Comments
    • Rachel McNicols brings nothing to the show...we need AJ and Paget back. Thank You
  • Fran S
    • Comments
    • CBS don't ruin a good thing..."if it ain't broke don't fix it"!
  • Teresa S
    • Comments
    • You've already made the first step with re-hiring AJ Cook; now please re-hire Paget Brewster; the show is simply not nearly as enjoyable as it was.