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Dear Ms. Gail Berman and Mr. Sandy Grushow,

We are avid watchers of FOX programming, especially the show Family Guy. We have recently heard that FOX Broadcasting has cancelled this show. We are informing you of a boycott of FOX Broadcasting, FX, FOX Sports Channel, and all products shown on FOX Broadcasting, FX, and FOX Sports Channel. We are all willing to comply with the boycott and do whatever it takes to get our favorite FOX show (Family Guy) back on the air.
We will not only be boycotting your stations, we will be boycotting every product shown on those stations. These products include, but are not limited to: Nyquil, Schick, Valvoline, Gold Bond, Subway Sandwiches, Buick Motor Vehicles, Alka-Seltzer, Monistat 7, Diflucan, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Heartguard, Frontline, any product on, Ranger Bass Boats, The Xtractor, any product made by MGM, 1-800-COLLECT, Hunts Manwich, any product made by Reeses, any product made by Walt Disney, and Gevalia coffee and coffee makers.
As you can see, we are taking this cancellation very seriously. We will contact our local newspapers, and television stations; and with that we will gain more people in our quest to get Family Guy back on television.

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  • Jimmy M
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  • Zach A
  • Joe L
  • Boris R
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    • Best show.
  • Peter G
  • ajay b
  • Jason R
  • Jon R
  • Jason S
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    • FG RULES
  • John T
  • Rupert G
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  • Glenn D
  • Phil
  • Jordan B
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    • Save Family Guy!!!!!
  • Bob
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    • [email protected]
  • Oli O
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    • Don't take away this damn fine show!
  • Patrick O
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    • This is the best show ever. Better than the Simpsons
  • Kristian H
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    • ....:::GIVE US FAMILY GUY:::....
  • Scot K
  • Mitchell S
  • Pac o M
  • Ian S
  • Gref
  • Emilee F
  • Lizzy M
  • Shawn C
  • Jeff C
  • David A
  • Mikel S
  • Matt M
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    • This is a great show, keep it in one time slot and you have a glod mine!!!!!
  • Joe A
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    • Family Guy inspires my creativity as an artist!!
  • Zachary H
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    • Best show ever.
  • Robb C
  • Ryan B
  • Alex
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    • Keep it.
  • bill
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    • this show is the best
  • Sean C
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    • :(
  • Nick R
  • Kevin L
  • Jamie G
  • Shawn F
  • Luke P
  • Edwin L
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    • Please save Family Guy
  • Eric W
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    • i llove this show!!
  • Aaron R
  • Paul L
  • Jennifer R
  • Seth R
  • James D
  • Kris G