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    President George W. Bush
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We, the caregivers, spouses/significant others, for disabled persons all over the United States ask that the federal government should provide a program to assist us monetarily, in taking care of our loved ones.

Many caregivers have no opportunity to obtain gainful employment and have to not only struggle with day to day stresses that come with caring for a disabled person, but we have to worry about paying our bills as well.

Our disabled loved ones may have some income via Social Security and/or SSI. However, it isn't enough to sustain two (or more) people in a family unit. Many times, the caregiver has to go out and find temp jobs. This leaves the disabled person home alone, or with children who are not capable of taking care of their needs.

We understand that there is severe abuse of the welfare system in America, but we are desperate. We need some form of program to help us out. Most of us don't need much more. For many people, just having an extra $200 per month would pay most of the bills, house payments, rent, etc.

People in this great country, recognized as the World Leader,, should NOT have to choose between rent, electricity, and medication. But the numbers of us who have to do this on a daily basis would astound you. As our President, we are asking you. We need some help! We need YOUR help.

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    • Viva La Evolution, Viva La Green Party! reality
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    • I am a caretaker, I know what you are talking about!
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    • fully agree have been a caregiver 24/7 for the last 6 years with no income
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    • SOS.......HURRY UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
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    • if you care, do the right thing Mr. Bush ,, Please care for them ,,
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    • Disabled people and their caregivers need all the help they can get.
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    • My son is disabled, and I am disabled, why should my husband, not the father of my son be forced to pay all of our expenses? Especially since my son's deadbeat father pays nothing!