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VOA Tigrigna Service Broadcasting Airtime Extension

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    US Broadcasting Board of Governors
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February 14, 2006

US Broadcasting Board of Governors

330 Independence Avenue SW

Washington, DC 20237

US Department of State

Dear Sirs:

We are listeners from around the world of the Voice of America Tigrigna service who have been enjoying the highly informative and educational program that has been broadcasted by the Tigrigna service reporters. We are writing this to draw your attention to the Monday-to-Friday 30-minute broadcasting airtime of the Voice of America Tigrigna language service.

The VOA Tigrigna service has been providing balanced reports and daily news of the highest and unbiased ethical standards to millions of listeners with origins from two African countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea. The program has also been very effective in promoting American democratic and cultural values to the Tigrigna speaking population across the world.

We also believe that through its popular programs like People to People, Youth etc, the VOA Tigrigna Service is playing a very constructive and useful role in facilitating a common medium for the ordinary peoples of both nations to mutually understand and openly discuss their common issues and problems. However, we find the broadcasting airtime of the program that is merely transmitted on weekdays insufficient to accommodate the needs of the broad spectrum of Tigrigna listeners around the globe.

Your Excellencies,

We, the undersigned listeners of the Voice of America Tigrigna Service all over the world would therefore like to ask the Broadcasting Board to take into consideration the above described circumstances and extend the current weekdays-only Tigrigna language broadcasting period to include additional broadcasting airtime on weekends.

We would like to extend our appreciation for your cooperation in this matter.

Listeners of the Voice of America Tigrigna Service

573 Signatures

  • Mulunesh Z
    • comments
    • I support the petition.
  • Belai A
  • Sebhatu G
  • Heather K
  • Yebrah H
    • comments
    • I fully support the extension of the Tigrigna service
  • Tewelde G
    • comments
    • I fully agree and support the initiative to appeal to the US Broadcasting Board of Governors to extend the VOA Tigrigna service airtime for it has proven itself to be a source of information very educational and constructive to the Tigrigna listeners of both Ethiopia and Eritrea. As for those who decided to organize the petition, please keep up the good job for the majority is behind you.
  • Yonas A
    • comments
    • The VOA Tigrigna Service is a reliable source of information for Tigrigna listeners
  • Biniam T
    • comments
    • I support the petition for VOA tigrigna airtime extension
  • Joseph G
    • comments
    • Eventhough I am against the VOA outdated propoganda machine. Who will argue more thing for Tigregna.Can I say something on my way? I will promise to make it short, VIVA EPDRF:)
  • haben
  • Tsehay
    • comments
    • lets think positive!
  • Yitbarek H
    • comments
    • I ask for the increase air time of VOA Tigrigna program
  • Abbey
    • comments
    • I support VOA tigrina service broadcastin airtime extension
  • Mesfin
  • Assad A
    • comments
    • It is good to have more time for Tigrigna speakers. At the same time, we have Oromifa which has close to 70 million speakers. People from Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti speak Oromifa. Please extend Oromifas time, as well.
  • Kefela G
    • comments
    • VOA Tigrign language is doing an excellent job in bringing unabaised service to all of us.
  • Ashok G
    • comments
    • Even though I am originally from India, I lived in Ethiopia for a long time. My fair estimate is that more than 80\% of 77 million of the people of Ethiopia including Tigrigna Speakers speak Amharic. Moreover, people from Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan speak Amharic. It is the lingua franca of the Horn of Africa. Feel free to asses this reality by your own experts.
  • Kidane G
    • comments
    • Please extended the program so we the Tigrigna speaking people can be informed about the world in our native language, thank you very much for your consideration in advance.
  • Solomon R
    • comments
    • Balanced information based on fact is what most people waiting from VOA. Not a chitchats or gossip.
  • kibrom g
    • comments
    • eventhough the domination by eritrean journalists does not make me happy, I give my admiration to Adanech Fessehaye ,asking the sheabia authority "I know adi erob is part of Tigray; are you saying adi erob is eritrea ?" any way it is good for the journalists to get more air time and more payment.
  • Weredekal G
    • comments
    • VOA Tigrigna service is better than any other horn of africa service
  • Shewit H
    • comments
    • Please add more Tigringa air time on VOA. It is the best sourse of information
  • tadesse negash b
    • comments
    • good idia
  • wolde n
    • comments
    • i would like to extent on our tigrigna program service.
  • Solomon T H
    • comments
    • Tigrigna speaking people around the world need to have an extended service of the Tigrigna program of the VOA. We need also to express our gratitude to the VOA for their excellent services.
  • Gebre t
    • comments
    • I am recommending not to Increase the air time for the Programm, as long as it is enough. WE have two option Languages so we can listen on both Language.
  • Ahadu,
    • comments
    • Please don't increase the air time, WE have enough air time for this particular Langauge., If Possible Add to Oromo Lanuguage as long as Its population is More than 30million People.
  • Fessehaye G
    • comments
    • I would like the air time on tigrigna broadcasting is atleast 1hr every day (week days)
  • Desalegn B
    • comments
    • Even though Tigrigna speakers, according to my assessment, are not more than 9 million, they are active listeners of the Tigrigna VOA program. Regardless of the vast number of Ormifa speakers that can be more than 70 million and Amhric Speakers (150- 200 million) all over the world, trust me the Tigrigna speakers values VOA invariably. Tigrigna has to get more time.
  • gezae M
    • comments
    • I am asking you to please increase the time of VOA, Tigrigna program
  • Nebyeleul Z. R
    • comments
    • It is extremely noble of the V.O.A Tigrigna programe to broadcast its "people to people" prgrame ,...inviting individuals from both Eritrea and Ethiopian side of Tigrigna speakers to promote peace and understanding in the region. A one cent spent for this radio programe is making peace between the two rival countries Eritirea and Ethiopia. I wish I won a lottery, I could have given a chunk of money for this Radio programe. Please extend the time. It is directly extending time and human life.
  • omega
  • Tadesse G
  • Frehiwot G
  • Mark
  • Luwam
    • comments
    • i love tigrians
  • . .
  • Eyob
    • comments
    • we need more air time on the tigrina program
  • Besrat A
  • desalegn
    • comments
    • В
  • Teddros T
  • Beruk
    • comments
    • I urge the Voice of America (VOA) African service program to add air time in its Tigrigna language.
  • B.Abraham
  • Tsion B
  • Tsega H
  • Amaha T
  • Zenebe N
  • solomon b
  • beniam a
    • comments
    • i love the tigrina service. long live voa