Boycott Marvel Comics and all of its subsidiaries.

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    Marvel Enterprises, Inc. 10 East 40th St. New York, NY 10016
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This is the official petition to Boycott Marvel Comics and all of its subsidiaries.

"Marvel sues two companies over role-playing game
LOS ANGELES Marvel Enterprises is suing two firms behind a computer superhero role-playing game it claims allows players to make virtual characters that are too similar to "The Hulk," "X-Men" and other heroes in the comic book company's stable.
The lawsuit claims South Korea-based NCSoft and San Jose-based Cryptic Studios violated Marvel's trademark characters in their game City of Heroes. Marvel seeks unspecified damages and an injunction against the two companies to stop using its characters." - Alex Veiga, Associated Press

"Net sales for the third quarter of 2004 rose 60\% to $135.2 million compared with Q3 2003 net sales of $84.5 million...." -

We "The Undersigned" will not purchase or accept any of the items produced by your company. (Included below is a list of some of Marvel products) Your company in a desperate attempt to promote its own own copycat MMORPG has inturn lost all of the following potential clients.

Products and companies owned by Marvel inc. which we " The Undersigned" intend to boycott.

Company - Toy Biz, A division of Marvel Enterprises.

Movies - Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2
Blade, Blade 2, Blade trinity (coming soon to theaters),
Daredevil, Elektra (coming soon to theaters),
The Punisher, X-Men (1.5), X2: X-Men United, Hulk,

Comics - see for a list.

Games - Marvel has licensed Vu Games, a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal to create a Marvel based MMORPG. (due out in 2005)

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    • Marvel Sucks!
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    • Make mine Marvel? NO! Make mine COH!!
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    • Rot in hell Marvel
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    • Absurd
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    • COH rocks
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    • [email protected]
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    • I have dropped all my Marvel subs.
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    • How can you be so petty? It's a friggen game! And forget the fact that YOU'RE MMORPG sucks, so you go ahead and dash down a GOOD one?!? I can't support that. Sorry, but my business with Marvel is hereby on hold.
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    • ...I love US law...
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    • You missed the other testicle, Marvel.
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    • I do buy Mavel products, so Marvel does answer to me.
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    • GO TO..
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    • With great power comes great responsibility. I don't remember "sue the little guy and piss off your fans" being part of that.
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    • Marvel work to a win - win solution, this just hurts everyone.
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