No Stadium - Prospect Heights Action Coalition

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    Bklyn BP Markowitz, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, NYS Gov. Pataki
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We the People? Consent of the governed?
in 1776 - - way cool! 2003? FUHGETABOUDIT!!!

King Marty of Brooklyn wants a pro sports team. Retainer Bruce Ratner says, Ill buy you TWO, the Nets and the Devils, but where will you put them?

King George of Albany orders his court, the MTA, to cede the $1 billion rights to the LIRR Atlantic Terminal to Ratner to erect a 20,000-seat stadium - - and 5,500 units of sky-box housing.

King Mike of Manhattan says, Ill do anything to help Bruce. He helps arrange $300,000,000 in government subsidies.

The Kings subjects dont want the stadium. Illegally wielding the Government's terrifying power of Eminent Domain, the Kings plan to condemn, seize by force and demolish the homes and businesses of 1,000 people for NO PUBLIC USE whatever (ILLEGAL! check: US Constitution-5th & 14th ammendments) & FOR the further private enrichment of Billionaire Private Developer Ratner (The 3 Kings' Pal). The stadium will bring further harm to their villages, little shops and homes, a plague of traffic upon their children, who already suffer from asthma. Theyve paid for their property in heavy taxes and higher MTA fares and they want affordable housing and public playing fields there. The people are rebelling.

We the people say, Hey Kings! You left us out. We are all equal, remember? We Have a voice. Dig it: