Piebald Dachshund

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I am an OUTSTANDING Bitch. I have lots of Attitude and Breed Type.
I dearly LOVE to show. A GOOD Judge will judge me for what I am
A DACHSHUND!! As you can see, I have already been judged on
My Merit, but I have also been judged on my pattern, which is not currently
Specifically mentioned in the AKC Dachshund Standard. DCA Added Piebald to the
Illustrated Standard years ago. Many people took this as an acceptance of the
Pattern, by the parent club. Several people took on the Challenge of producing
Outstanding Piebald Specimens and now there are many Smooth Piebald
Champions and, a few, Wire Piebald Champions. I suspect there would quickly be several
More, if Judges knew what to do with them and didn't question the pattern.
Some people said we have health problems. Piebald has been bred, specifically
Seeking the pattern, for the past 30 years, yet there is not ONE documented
Case of deafness, I have never seen or heard of a Piebald with Disc Disease.
I know of MANY Red, Blk/Tan and a few Choc/Tan Dachshunds with
Disc Disease. Dachshunds are riddled with Genetic Problems
Such as Disc Disease, PRA and Epilepsy. Shouldn't we be more concerned,
With problems we KNOW exist, than making up problems in a pattern, just
Because we do not like the pattern?? No one will EVER make someone else
Own or breed a dog of pattern, if they do not wish to do this.
A short research period into pedigrees will prevent the pattern in
Your own lines, isn't this a Breeder's Responsibility anyway??
A Good and Responsible Breeder will measure the progress of their
Breeding program in the Conformation Ring, regardless of color
Or pattern. The Proposed changes to the Dachshund Standard will
Not prevent the breeding of Double Dapples or Piebald. It will not
Prevent the breeding of white chested dogs that have absolutely
No piebald in their backgrounds. It will not prevent AKC from registering
Double Dapples and Piebald. The proposed changes to the Breed Standard
Will not prevent Double Dapples and Piebald patterns from competing in
Agility, Earth dog, Obedience or from obtaining their Field Championships.
The changes to the Breed Standard will not keep the spreading of the Piebald
Gene in the Dachshund Gene Pool. The proposed Changes to the
Dachshund Standard will not prevent Puppy Mills from producing Double
Dapple or Piebald Dachshunds. It will not keep the Dachshund Loving pet buyers
From loving and purchasing the patterns. So please ask yourself...
What is it ALL about??
Is it Color/Pattern discrimination in the Breed Ring
of the AKC Sanctioned shows??
What is DCA's plan, what are they trying to do, what is their point in all of this??
If you feel the Piebald Dachshund SHOULD be able to compete in the Breed Ring
Of AKC Sanctioned shows, Please sign the petition!!
Thanks for your support!