Bring Back the Breville Pie Magic

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    Breville Kitchen Products and parent companies
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We, the undersigned, urge the Breville kitchen appliance company of Oldham, Lancashire to recommence production of the Breville Pie Magic pie-making machine as soon as it is practicably possible to do so.

Pie, as we all know, in both its sweet and savoury forms, is the greatest food known to man, and surrendering to a world of burgers, pot noodles and takeaway food is, we believe, a retrograde step in the provision of this countrys nutritional needs.

In an age of convenience cooking, ready made pastry and easy-to-make fillings, we mourn the loss of the Pie Magic and its stunning simplicity and urge Breville and its parent companies Pulse Home Products and Alba to consider reintroducing this quick and easy shortcut to healthy, filling meals to a market hungry for this kitchen marvel.

Bring back the Breville Pie Magic!