Olivia Munn's National Pie Week Initiative

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From Olivia Munn, co-host of G4TV's Attack of the Show!:

"Hello everybody, I'm Cable TV's Olivia Munn and it's no secret that I love pie. Last Friday, we were besieged by viewer emails saying it was National Pie Day -- and it got me thinking. Why are we celebrating god's gift to man for only 24 hours? Why not make it for a week? So today I'm calling it -- it's officially National Pie Week!

Sign below if you agree with my message. We will forward your name to our nation's lawmakers in order to have THE LAST FULL WEEK OF JANUARY officially named 'NATIONAL PIE WEEK.'

If we get 10,000 signatures by this Friday (Jan 30th, 2009), I vow to jump into a gigantic pie for your viewing pleasure. Pie!!!" - Olivia Munn, 1/26/09

We, The Undersigned, agree with Ms. Munn's ideas on pie and support the official initiation of National Pie Week.