Fire Mike McCarthy

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    Green Bay Packers
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Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers is the wrong person for the job. Since his hiring, the Packers have gotten worse not only in wins and losses, but also in discipline. McCarthy himself has stated that he doesn't put much stock in penalties. His team follows his lead. They are undisciplined. If Ted Thompson is going to insist on building ONLY through the draft, then we need a disciplined coach that can teach the young players properly. When teams get worse every year, it is a sign of bad leadership. This petition is necessary because Ted Thompson is too patient and will let McCarthy finish the last two years on his contract. The fans deserve better. We have opened up our wallets and hearts to this team and we demand better. We want a leader of men as the coach of the packers. Right now, there are some amazing leaders available for the job. Let's take action together!