Install Bicycle Lanes on Bay Ridge Parkway

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    NYC Dept of Transportation
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    Residents of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
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We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Commissioner and the Department of Transportation to install bicycle lanes on Bay Ridge Parkway from Shore Road to Bay Parkway, as originally planned in 2010.

Bike lanes will provide a safe space for cyclists that are already using this major arterial street. The bike lanes will deter cyclists from using the sidewalk thus protecting pedestrians and at the same time it will slow down the fast moving traffic by acting as a traffic calming device. Slower moving traffic results in lower pedestrian/car crashes thus reducing danger to pedestrians as well as cyclists. (Note, arterial streets such as Bay Ridge Parkway carry high volumes of traffic and account for 60\% of pedestrian fatalities but only 15\% of the total road network. In addition, pedestrian/car crashes on arterial streets are approx. 2/3 more deadly than crashes on non-arterial streets.)

Biking will provide a lifestyle change for many people by getting them out of their cars and onto bikes, allowing them to more safely exercise while lessening traffic, noise and pollution. Obesity falls sharply with increased walking and cycling as transit use. The United States obesity rate is 33\% at present.

We need to make cycling safe and convenient for everyone.