Please Let Us Rave

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In an effort to curb drug use (a quote from a reliable source at city hall), the City of Chicago has banned events that would have DJs performing live with one hundred or more people in attendance, unless the venue had an entertainment license. Also, part of this ordinance banned any event with live DJs from taking place between the hours of 2:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.

If you are arrested under these circumstances, that is no license or it is after hours- you as a promoter or venue owner can be fined up to $10,000.00. Furthermore, it seems, since promoters or owners would scurry away and deny culpability, the City Council in its wisdom included DJs as possible persons to arrest and fine (since they could or would not leave valuable equipment behind.)

To all persons of normal intelligence, I ask these questions. Has the City of Chicago solved the drug problem? Have they closed down the rave scene? The answer to both questions is no. First of all, anyone that would seek out drugs during an after hours event is just as likely to find their drug of choice during the day. Secondly, making it illegal has not stopped the rave scene in Chicago. If anything it has caused promoters to go underground and use abandoned warehouses, which may or may not reach the safe standards that legal clubs are forced to maintain.

Are we headed down the path where city hall decides what is best for everyone? I have been associated with raving for about ten years now and I have not met a nicer community of people than ravers. True ravers go to raves for the music, not the drugs! Most people in the rave scene believe P.L.U.R to stand for peace, love, unity, and respect. These are considered the four pillars of the rave scene. Why would you want to stop a sub-culture that endorses love towards all men and women? Why would you want to stop a sub-culture geared towards getting together, dancing together, and enjoying the freedom that so many Americans have given their lives for? Ill admit that there are a lot of people at raves who use drugs. However, you cant deny the fact that there are just as many if not more people at a rave that are sober! With that in mind, I ask you if you find it fair to punish everyone for the illegal acts of the minority?

This petition is only asking that we be allowed to live our lives free to dance all night if we feel the desire to!

It is with all this stated that I am asking everyone that reads this petition, whether you are a raver or not, to sign this petition. Considering this petition will be presented to city halls in various cities throughout the country, I ask that you sign your real name, age, and location.

Please Let Us Rave