Creative Labs X-Fi customer support

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We, the undersigned, ask that Creative Labs/Technology finally add driver support and customer care for all their products, mainly the Sound Blaster X-Fi products.

As Creative customers We, the undersigned demand:

- Immediate fix for crackling and popping on X-Fi sound cards. It have been ten months and still, there is no fix or any statement about work progress from Your company.

- Immediate fix for Creative Entertainment Center. We demand more than just one, outdated 800x600 resolution which makes everything look unacceptable, mainly on every modern LCD monitor.

- Immediate cleanup in X-Fi software. We demand Creative to make it's software less bloated, Mode Console themes to be built on anything else than uncompressed BMP files, Mode Console Audio test files to be compressed (not bloated WAV files), unnecesary processes to be gone, all consoles to be more responsive (especially Entertainment and Audio Creation Consoles).

- Immediate release of a new version of Entertainment Console with access to all the tabs from all of them, not just from main Menu-Tab. Actual Entertainment Mode Console design is not ergonomic and we simply don't like it this way.

- Immediate release of any Creative supported tool for fast and unlagged autoswitching X-Fi Modes or:

> TOTAL ABANDONMENT of Three Mode Setup idea and taking us back to the XXI century where all other sound cards and even onboard audio doesn't force users to loose some features to get other features work. We ask Creative: Why "The most powerful Audio processor in the world" can't offer us all of it's features simultaneously like all it's predecessors did and like all other sound cards do? The X-Fi processor is supposed to be "The most powerful audio processor in the world" (as advertised on the X-Fi boxes!) doesn't even offer a hardware Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder while a lot of competition sound cards, even the cheaper ones do and even though none of them doesn't have feature sets to switch.

- Immediate fix for all known driver bugs. We do understand that are a lot of bugs to be fixed, but we also do know that it have been seven months since the last driver release and a lot of those bugs should be fixed by now.