Pirates of Dark Water on DVD

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    Warner Bros. Animation (Owners of Hanna-Barbera Studios)
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The Pirates of Dark Water was a popular and well-loved cartoon created by the Hanna-Barbera Studio that ran for two seasons in the early 90's. A number of years after the series was pulled from syndication, Cartoon Network began showing the series again. As of the writing of this petition, Boomerang (a daughter station to Cartoon Network) and the Australian version of Cartoon Network are continuing to air this show. This series is over ten years old, however it is clear from the continued airings that the Pirates of Dark Water has retained a strong fan base.

Although this beloved series is currently airing in select regions of the United States and in Australia, many fans are interested in adding the Pirates of Dark Water to their personal DVD collections. Not every fan has access to Boomerang or the Australian Cartoon Network, and the fans who do are still interested in purchasing DVD versions of this series.

Given that the series is only 21 episodes in length, we believe that selling DVDs of the Pirates of Dark Water would not be costly to your company. In fact, most fans who do not have access to Boomerang or the Australian Cartoon Network currently obtain episodes for viewing over file sharing programs or by purchasing pirated versions sold on eBay. If you sold DVDs of the Pirates of Dark Water, these fans would purchase the series rather than pirate it as DVDs would be a higher quality format.