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The changes (numerous) to Slotomania over the last 2 - 3 months that your company have decided to implement has made a very negative impact on the overall experience of playing the game.Thousand of dedicated players who pay for coins are either not receiving what they paid for,or at the extreme you are stealing the wrong amount of money from their bank accounts.Players who have purchased coins,or players who have spent many hours accumulating coins have had them disappear.We as players understand it is only a game,but when people are paying real money then you have a legal and moral responsibility to provide what you promise on your website "QUOTE" (HOURS OF FUN).We as players only ask for one thing A FAIR GO,bring the fun back into the game.Due to your greedy stupidity players are leaving day by day,this has to have a negative effect on your company financially.The rest of the dedicated players live in hope that you will fix the mess you created,however keep in mind they will not spend their money on a faulty or rigged game.Your customer service is virtually non existent.We as players do appreciate the four hourly bonus,the mega wheel,and the three click bonus,but please loosen up the machines,this will benefit all.Do you understand that people want value for $$$ if you loosen up the machines people will buy coins,however the price of your coins is outrageous and out of reach for many players,lower the price of the coins and more people will buy them