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We, the undersigned, would like to request that Sprint PCS work with Samsung to make possible the release of the much anticipated SPH-i550 Palm multimedia clamshell phone. It is a ground-breaking design and would greatly enhance Sprints attractiveness to subscribers. Sprint has always been on the leading edge in offering data-enabled phones using the Palm operating system and we would like to see them continue that position. In particular, we would like Sprint to continue to offer very compact Palm OS based phones in a clamshell form factor (similar to the Samsung SPH-i500 that Sprint currently sells.) The Treo 650 is too bulky to carry in a pocket, does not have analog roaming, and does not provide the screen and keypad protection of a clamshell. Windows Mobile and Symbian based phones are not adequate or acceptable for our needs.

The SPH-i550 is a needed replacement for the SPH-i500 to update the software and hardware and add multimedia features. We have been following the development of the SPH-i550 intently and were extremely disappointed to learn that Sprint was no longer planning to offer it for sale. Please reconsider your position and work with Samsung to resolve whatever problems may be preventing its release. If it is truly impossible to release this outstanding device, please work with manufacturers to develop something similar. In addition, please continue to sell and service the SPH-i500 until an equivalent or better replacement becomes available. It is very important to many of your current and future subscribers to have a state-of-the-art Palm OS phone in a small clamshell form factor. Thank you very much.