Put Prayer Back In Our Public Schools

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Put Prayer Back In Our Public Schools

As christian citizens of the United States we have prepared this petition to restore prayer back in public schools throughout this great nation. This nation was founded on our christian beliefs. The first Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the freedom thereof." We include God in our Pledge of Allegiance "One Nation Under God". We include God when printing our currency "In God We Trust".

As christians we have stood by and allowed our government to take prayer from our schools. Our children can not read the Bible in school without persecution. They can no longer pray before ball games or at the start of the day. If they try to share God with their friends at school it can even be considered a crime. Now we have children that are afraid to share the faith that this country was founded on. We have children that never hear the word of God at all because their friends are not allowed to talk to them about it. We have children who are killing one another inside and outside of our schools.

Does this country not understand that without God we are doomed to destruction. If we take God out of our schools we are also taking this nation out from under God's powerful protection. What a horrid shame to let that happen when we have the power to change it. We as christians fell asleep and let the enemy try to destroy generations of our youth. Well now we are AWAKE. We are standing up for our children and we are taking back a generation that has been nearly destroyed with with the separation of state and religion. The Bible says you are either for God or against him. We will no longer straddle a fence. We have decided we are for our God and will stand up for our children's right to pray in school.

In short we are demanding that prayer be restored to all public schools throughout the United States.

We will be sending a copy with all signatures to the President of the United States, all state governess, and the United States Congress.

I plead with you today to stand up and be counted as christians and sign this petition and get all your friends and relatives to do the same. Click on the link below and send this petition to anyone you know