Free Patty Prewitt

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    The Governor of Missouri
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    Family and Friends of Patricia Prewitt
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We request the Governor of Missouri grant Executive Clemency for Patricia Prewitt #082667, WERDCC, Vandalia, MO.

During the middle of a stormy night in February of 1984, Patty Prewitts husband was murdered while they slept, and she was torn from their bed and attacked. That was only the beginning of this most horrible nightmare, because she was then wrongfully charged with the crime by the prosecution organization of Johnson County, Missouri. A year later with no actual evidence, only hearsay, she was convicted of capital murder after a swift four-day jury trial.

Since she is innocent, she turned down every early-morning plea agreement offer made by the prosecutor during the trial. Regrettably so... since Patty would have returned home many years ago if she had accepted an Alfred plea.

Only a few days after the guilty verdict came in, while Patty was free on appeal bond, they discovered that a neighbor in our rural area had witnessed a lone man in a strange sedan parked where he could watch the Prewitt house the very night her husband was killed. This report had been given to the sheriff within hours of the attack but was kept from them.

Amazingly, the trial judge quickly discounted this important new evidence when it was immediately brought back to his court. Judge Barnes decided that testimony of a stranger stalking their home the night of Bill Prewitts death would not have made any difference in the outcome of the trial.

Free on appeal bond, Patty remained home with her five young children, living and working in the community, for another year until April of 1986 when her appeal was denied. Since that time, she have existed as a state prisoner with absolutely no chance of parole until 2036 when she will have her first hearing with the state parole board.

For twenty years, she and her supporters have petitioned every governor for executive clemency. The current governor is Matt Blunt, and his chief legal counsel is Terry Jerrett. These politicians are now the objects of our pleas for mercy.

As the Information Systems Unit shop lead, Patty writes software for the Missouri Department of Corrections and teaches programming skills to inductees. Since 1995, she has held this responsible job. Although shes pushing 60, she teaches aerobic and yoga classes and will receive her AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) certification in June. For Restorative Justice, she crochets teddy bears used by local ambulance personnel to calm children in distress. Basically she is involved in every worthwhile endeavor in this prison and always has been.

She is absolutely no threat to anyone inside or outside the prison fence and promises to be an exemplary citizen when given the opportunity. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.