Petition for the Script PRIDE, Based on The Independent Wrestling Revolution, to be Made into a Movie.

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Pride is a movie script based upon the first year of the Independent Wrestling Revolution. Freshly written by Patrick John Burton, this one of a kind film goes in-depth in revealing the highs and lows...the financial, physical and mental sacrifices that are commonplace in independent professional wrestling.

The drama retells the beginnings of a family-friendly wrestler-run promotion after the roster walks out on their careless and sadistic booker. When they finally get a chance to compete in front of their hometown fans, can they survive in a market where the demand for extreme violence is above all else?

The movie is also a tribute to the memory of one of Michigan's most beloved independent stars, the late Jeff Yukon Braxton Dingess and his influence on the creation of the IWR.

We, being wrestlers, bookers, referees, everyone who works in and around the business and the fans who love their work, ask that the mainstream movie making public read this script and give it serious consideration for production. This movie is to honor those who are often overlooked by mainstream wrestling fans, the independent performer. Whether it is a booker, a wrestler or even the ring crew, they all require their 15 minutes of fame. What they do to themselves night in and night out, simply for the cheers of a few hundred fans, is simply incredible. They deserve to hear their story told.

It could also help spark another wrestling boom as new fans would be introduced to the business by seeing this movie. They could then go see their own homegrown talent and see a great show put on in their own neck of the woods, see the next big breakout stars to hit the big time before anyone else, and even return some of the casual fans back to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

The possibilities and press attention resulting from a movie like this are near limitless. The movie itself is perfect and has the backing of the wrestling world. Movie makers everywhere, think about it.

Thank you for your time