PRIZEE: gift available for all users around the world

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    Prizee users arount the world
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Prizee is one of the most known French online gaming WebSite around the world.
For playing you have to register for free in the web site, then you'll get some free games every day. Playing games, you earn bubzs. Bubzs are something like "virtual" money. Using your bubzs you can get some prizes like stickers, dvd, puppies, games consoles etc. To play more and increase your bubz amount, you can buy Maxpacks. Maxpacks allow you to get more plays. A Maxpacks costs around 2,00 euros.
Prizee has users all around the world and everyone could get prizes.
Unfortunately, on 22 November 2007 Prizee set most of the valuable gifts (games console, tv, computers, iPod, etc) outside France.

Noboby knows why they do that. We can only suppose it is because they had to pay big taxes to send them. So, if we would to pay more (for example 10 or 20 bubz) for those gifts Prizee maybe will continue send them outside France.

So, if we would pay more for those gifts Prizee maybe will continue send them to our countries.

If you agree, please sign this petition.