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Insulting Our Prophet is NOT Freedom of Speech!

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    Carsten Juste, Editor of Jyllands-Posten and Vebjoern Selbekk, Editor of Magazinet
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First, let me commend you on your efforts to promote freedom of speech. In your quest to test how far this freedom would stretch, you have trampled on others freedom to practice, and be PROUD of their religion.

As editors, you do carry the responsibility of advancing peoples respectful views. You do not have the right to insult and ridicule a religion, a way of life, a belief.

You, through your publication, showed your belief in the freedom of speech of your press. You also attempted to suppress the Muslims worlds belief for freedom of holding their Prophet in high regard.

Freedom of speech is a medium of peaceful exchange of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. It is not a medium for promoting violence or suppression of values. By insisting on publishing these caricatures, you are stretching the limits of this freedom to the very extreme, if not even stepping a long way over them.

The world today is in no need for more violence; it is in no need for more hate and anger. Your publication simply put up the green flag for threats, aggression, and resentment. Do not be another reason for people to have more terror and violence in their lives.

With this, we denounce all calls for violence against either newspaper or nation.

With this, we make our stand as believers of freedom of speech.

With this, we tell you that we are proud Muslims that do NOT believe in your perspective of freedom of speech.

With this, we demand an apology.