Petition Calling for the Defense of Consumer Investment in the Playstation 3

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    Sony Computer Entertainment
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    Playstation 3 owners, present and future
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We, the below signed, as investors in the Sony Playstation 3, payers of the wages of Sony employee wages and video game fans, request that Sony Computer Entertainment defend our consumer investment in the Playstation 3 by aggressively maintaining the platform exclusivity of two major third party titles on which relies a great deal of the success of the Playstation 3, and thus, the value of our purchase.

We request that SCE secure the permanent or at least 6+ month timed exclusivity of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Versus, and Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Losing these titles exclusivity would harm the Playstation 3, and therefore us, the investors in this platform, both in real terms and would have a dangerous knock on effect on public perception. Sales would likely sharply decline, and certainly fail to rise following their releases, if they were to be released on Microsoft's XBox 360, resulting in decreased viability of the platform, decreased positive public image, and ultimately, fewer games for the console.

We, consumers with loyalty to Sony and respect for the high quality of their products, feel that the defence of our purchase of Playstation 3 consoles should be a responsibility of SCE, and that no further delay should be taken in action to secure these exclusives, financially if necessery.

Loyal Sony fans,