Retire Pat Tillman's #40

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    The National Football League
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To: The National Football League

We, the undersigned, hereby petition commissioner Paul Tagliabue to retire jersey #40 throughout the National Football League in honor of the late Pat Tillman.

Although he only played four seasons in the NFL, Pat Tillman thrilled fans with his tenacity, skill and commitment to excellence on the football field. More importantly, he inspired us all with his integrity, courage and commitment to his country away from the gridiron.

We began calling Pat a hero the day he announced his decision to take a leave of absence from a lucrative football career in order to become an Army Ranger alongside his brother Kevin. On April 23, 2004, we received word that Pat had been killed in a firefight in Afghanistan with terrorist forces that (among other atrocities) supported the attacks on America on 9/11/01. On April 23, 2004, Pat Tillman the Hero made the Ultimate Sacrifice for his fellow citizens.

While there is no way we can compensate Pat Tillman and his family for his selfless service, we do respectfully request that the National Football League honor his legacy and those of all the anonymous men and women who served with him. We ask that the NFL do this in the form of a lasting tribute, not a single-season commemorative patch, but rather by retiring his number throughout the league in perpetuity.