Kurt Cobain's Death Case Reopening

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Kurt Donald Cobain, lead singer of the successfull grunge band Nirvana died on April 5th, 1994 in his Seattle, Washington home. His body was discovered on April 8th, 1994 when an electrician arrived to install a security system at the home. When police arrived, they found Cobain's lifeless body lying in a room above his garage, with blood draining from his ear, the 'greenhouse' mainly used as storage space. He was found with a shotgun in his mouth, apparently the main cause of his death. Police proceeded to dust the shotgun for fingerprints, but discovered no identifiable fingerprints on the gun itself. It was reported that a closed cigar box containing drug paraphernalia was next to his body. They took his body to the King County morgue, later performing an autopsy. When the results of the autopsy were released to the public, it stunned some of the persons who obtained it. The most startling part of the report was that blood tests showed that Cobain had 1.52 milligrams of morphine per litre in his bloodstream. When heroin is injected into the body, it almost instantly becomes morphine. The 1.52mg of heroin per litre is also considered three times the lethal amount of heroin. Enough to instantly incapacitate a person, even the heaviest of an addict. It is a myth that an addict has a higher tolerance to the amount of heroin injected. This was startling to some who read the report because if he were to inject himself with that much heroin, he wouldn't have been able to put the drug paraphernalia back into the cigar box, then proceed to get the shotgun and shoot himself, ending his life. After injecting the lethal dosage of heroin into his bloodstream, he would have either been instantly incapacitated or died. I write this petition on behalf of many Nirvana fans, because King County never reviewed the case thoroughly, and closed it after it was considered a suicide, and many wish that Cobain's case be reopened and investigated properly. I am also providing a link to a website made by Tom Grant, the private investigator Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, hired to find Cobain when he disappeared after escaping a Los Angeles, California drug rehabilitation clinic. I hope that people wish for a true answer to Cobain's death as much as I do, and hope you will sign this petition to get King County to reopen the case of Kurt Cobain's death. Please look at http://www.cobaincase.com for alot of hard evidence on Cobain's death. I believe this is NOT a suicide!