Make Microsoft's older BASIC line of products freeware!

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This petition to Microsoft is hereby established for the specific purpose of requesting Microsoft to release its older BASIC line of compilers and interpreters (such as QuickBASIC 4.5/ 7.1 and Visual BASIC for DOS) as freeware products.

Signers of this petition are active BASIC language developers, and have expressed full support in this request to You. By making the software freeware and allowing distribution, like Borland has done with their older collection of compilers and interpreters, You will be encouraging more developers, and feeding the online BASIC programming community with new hope.

The support for the community by You will be appreciated by the signers of this petition, and we ask You to acknowledge the desire of many hobbyist programmers, and even beginner programmers, who use older compilers like QuickBASIC for fun and a challenge or as a stepping stone to further language. QuickBASIC is known in the community to be a great stepping stone to other Microsoft products such as the Visual BASIC line of products. The fact that it is 17 years old and runs on a platform that has lost support a long time ago doesn't stop these programmers from using it.

Signers of this petition would also like to thank Microsoft for other great products like Visual Basic, Visual C++. We hope that you will fulfil our request.