Funding For NASA

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    The President Of The United States Of America, U.S. Congress
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We, the undersigned, in support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and to insure its necessary funding to continue the exploration of space for the advancement of all humanity, propose the following changes to the United States Tax Code.

On all IRS tax forms the following line is to be added above the optional Presidential Election Campaign Fund line:

"Optional Funding For NASA- Do you or your spouse if filing a joint return, want to contribute to the NASA fund?"

After this line there is to be a yes or no checkbox, and a write in box for the contribution amount (instead of a mandatory dollar amount).

All donated funds are to be applied over and above the approved NASA budget and are in no way meant to replace any funds approved in the United States budget for NASA.

We feel that this change to the 1040 form will raise untold millions of much needed dollars for our space program and accelerate our exploration of the cosmos.