Express Bus from Jackson Heights, Astoria, and Long Island City to Lower Manhattan

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    MTA Bus Company, Local and State Politicians
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To whom it may concern,

We the undersigned were affected by the W trains discontinuation last year because we used the W train to travel between Astoria and Long Island City in Queens and Lower Manhattan. Since the W trains discontinuation, 5,600 of our fellow riders now have to take overcrowded N or Q trains in order to transfer to other Subway services which are overcrowded and unreliable in order to get to and from Lower Manhattan which prolongs our commute from communities that are relatively close to Manhattan. To a lot of these 5,600 riders, this transfer to access Lower Manhattan is in addition to transfers from other overcrowded buses such as the Q69 in order to access the N and Q trains as well as other overcrowded trains which we need to transfer to. It is imperative that the MTA Bus Company improve bus service to and from Lower Manhattan because the MTA Bus Company has far more subsidies from the City of New York than MTA New York City Transit has, the economy is recovering and more jobs are being created in Lower Manhattan, and Astoria and Long Island City has seen tremendous growth over the past 15 years. We the undersigned support the creation of an Express Bus service that starts at 31st Avenue and 77th Street and operates via Ditmars Boulevard, 21st Avenue, and 21st Street in Queens, then via the Queens Midtown Tunnel to and from Manhattan, and operates in a loop via Water and Church Streets just like the QM7, QM8, QM11, and QM25 does in Manhattan which will appropriately address our traveling needs to and from Lower Manhattan and provide for more travel options to and from Astoria and Long Island City which will make our community a better place to live in.